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Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring Closest Clean-Out!

I threaten to do it, then I put it off, then.....yeah.
But finally I got in, got down and got dirty and decided to do a real closet clean out
and see what was in there!
What finally prompted me to invade, divide and conquer?
Kaja, my 9 year old, and my photographer, popped up with this comment the other day:
(She was taking my picture for the blog and I asked about my outfit),
"Well Mom, to be honest, it's like all the other days.  Very nice, usually blue and totally predictable."


I am 47 and that is the very word I did NOT want to hear.
And off to the closet I went.

Well, lets see...both green, one from ATL and one from Ann Taylor.....both could have been worn by Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music"
I am starting to see what you mean Kaja

I do love black and white skirts...but one has sequins, one has pompoms at the bottom and one has tulle and one.....
r i g h t.....oh my.

These are like the exact same skirt except one is Banana Republic and one Ann Taylor
Sigh....I keep buying the same dang stuff!

Shades of gray much?  Geez Lise!

I liked this best.  Bought at 3 different times, 3 different places
BUT...the same ATL sweater...just different colors.
Oh my.   The black one still had the TAGS on it!!!  Seriously? Yes.

Onward and upward! 
The real problem is that sometimes we get into a bit of a rut.
I learned quickly that I love neutrals and do not own one RED piece of clothing.
I do however own a mass amount of black, white, blues and CORAL (my fav!)
And that's about it.  All nicely tailored pieces and predictable.
This is not necessarily bad,  but I do not want to be HO HUM!

I finished the job and purged my closet!  I donated a lot, took a bunch over to "Sassy Pants" consignment, and turned over a new leaf.
I now know what is in my closet now so I don't waste $$ on duplication.  I have a list of a few items that would add
a pop of color and fun to  my wardrobe (ie: red stuff, or something).
And the biggest thing is remembering how I got here.
By not listening to friends when they said "You don't need another one of those."  LOL

Yes, this is me.  I'm cute, but I just don't listen!
I can't wait to start showing some of my re-worked wardrobe.
If you need an idea for a weekend project......Tackle your closets!!! 
Go girls!


  1. First off, I was so excited to see your name pop up on my comments...I have missed you girls! Secondly, this post was hysterical because it is so true!! I think all of us do tend to re-purchase different versions of what we like! So, out of the mouth of a babe, comes a comment which gets our attention! I am in process of setting some goals for my style this next year. I think goal setting is important BEFORE we buy. I hope to be posting about some of my revelations later this summer! Great to have you back...can't wait to see your new looks!!

  2. It's a great feeling to tackle the closet, isn't it? My clothes are pretty predictable too. There are a couple of stores I shop at too often...that leads to a uniform look. Schools out for summer so I need to head out to some new places!

  3. Pam- It is so true that we can go out shopping, and impulse buy. But with an idea sheet or a need sheet, it is much better and more productive!

  4. Stacey- Yes, it was awesome to look in my closet and know what is in there!! lol

  5. Congratulations! You're my hero. I badly need to do closet purging too.

  6. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Cleaning out your closet is one of the hardest things to get motivated to do sometimes, but doesn't it feel great? You inspired me to go back and clean out my closet again! Just the other day I was looking for a pair of pants. I found 5 pair of brown pants. Why do I need that many, crazy!!?? LOL

  7. So happy you're back! Where is Joy?
    Every picture I thought "Hmmm, that is similar, but I like it!"
    I could wear a different shade of green every day of the week.... I do the same thing!

  8. Joyce-I know, the blog isn't the same without Joy!!!!! Truly! she is still here, but busy.

  9. I am SHOCKED and APPALLED that you have no red attire to speak of!!! You must put that on your "To Buy Immediately" list!!

  10. Lady- Seriously!!! I am in dire need of a "Michele Makeover"!!!

  11. Great job with the closet purging! I hope you do find a nice piece of something red. I LOVE red as my pop.