The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Why the "Deer in the headlights look in my eye?" 
Thursday I got hit with the realization that the kids start school tomorrow!  "Holy Hotcakes Batman!"
(yes, we start school August 5th....ugh)
I give everyone 5 minutes to get in the van, throw on some clothes, and realized my hair was in
B A D shape.   It's growing out and the usual forward style was not an option.
So, one can of hairspray's thrown back and I am ready to go.
Just for the record, I have never worn my hair like this.

New "do"...brought to you by desperation. lol
I kinda like it though...what do you ladies think?

So, I have to give a shout out about these earrings.  One of our readers sent them and they are my
new favorite!  Not only are they light as a feather, but I love the way they cascade down my neck.
I also got a belt which goes well with it!

My makeup today is brought to you by Maybelline.  I had some coupons from CVS
and thought I would give the brand another try (it worked in High School).
I love the colors and it wore pretty well in this humid Southern state.  I am pretty pleased and
can't wait to try some new colors.  I got the lip-liner, lipstick and eye shadows and mascara
without paying a penny!
Yeah baby!!!
The mascara was "Falsies" which I bought because the name cracked me up.  But I love it!



shoes-thrifted and adored at Goodwill in Winder
Joy and I both wear a size 10 so we have to take turns buying from the shoe section.  lol

I had all the kids school supplies, but we found some super great deals on clothes at the outlets in Commerce, Ga.
We also had a great time and all ate at Ryans Steak house to re-charge.
My kids are fun to shop with!!!
This year is a milestone because my youngest son started middle school which leaves Kaja the last one in elementary.
She is in 4th which means that, all too soon, my babies are grown!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. I just cannot believe that school starts on August 5. Why, that is positively inhumane! (Can you tell I teach for a living?)

    Love those shoes! And by the way, I think your hair looks rather dramatic and stylish! Amazing how desperate times can lead to fabulous new ideas, eh?

  2. I love your hair in your new style too! LOL at "can of hairspray" I have done "tube of gel" myself. Your whole look is fab, and you don't look at all like you were in a rush!

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  3. Anne- Yes, august 5th. Its pretty ridiculous if you ask me. And here in Georgia, you are right that its inhumane.

    Patti-Thanks! Tube of gel? lol we are so alike.

  4. The new "do" looks fab! Highlights your eyes and cheekbones...

    August 5 is too soon to start school...your kids will be half melted by the time they get home. lol

  5. you are looking very Princess Di... how's that for a throw back reference
    can't believe you are already starting school
    we have 2 more weeks

  6. Your hair looks awesome like this! I love that it adds an edgy vibe, but still so sleek and chic looking.