The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, March 17, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking

  Actually, these boots are NOT made for walking.  More like lounging around and looking good on my feet! LOL
And today I had a really hard time getting the picture taken since I had been gone most of the day and Baron Von Hershey would not leave my side.  No problem.  We can work around a 70 lb. poodle.
Or not.

I am not big on blue, but lately it has been my "go to" color.  And with spring TRYING to show itself, I wanted to look a bit springy but still keep warm in the very cool of the morning!  Voila!  Cardi's and scarves and tights! 
Oh my!

I love this scarf from CHARMING CHARLIES (it matches my tights I got there!)
Cardigan: ATL
Skirt: White House/Black Market-thrifted!
Boots: Anne Klein

 This past weekend I took my kids to the movie "Rango".  I don't recommend it.  But the kids seemed to love it so...OK.  And for some reason deep in my subconscious I wore clothes appropriate for this reptilian type of western!  This vest is just like the one Joy bought (only hers is black)!  Seriously I sometimes wonder if our brains are connected somehow. LOL

 Boots: BORN
Jeans: BR
Shirt: Target
Purse: Christmas gift from Grant (It's a Coach)
Kaja loved these turquoise earrings so here is the closeup
Thanks again to Kaja for being my photographer!!!  I hope you are all doing well and have great plans for this upcoming weekend!


  1. Baron just wants to be in the pictures, too!!! Love the scarf and matching tights.

    Cute boots, but yeah, I could see where they'd hurt your feet!

    LOVE the jeans outfit! That's a really good look for you. And I'm with you. Skip Rango. Too long, a little boring. Not even Johnny saved it for me! :(

  2. I love Baron. My standard is named Shadow, not because she's black but because, like Baron, she follows me everywhere. You look great in Blue. And if the shoe hurts, don't wear it, to change a phrase.

  3. Joy: If Johnny Depp can't save a movie? yeah, its bad. lol
    I am kind of liking the jeans outfit too. Totally against what I usually wear, but I'm liking it.

  4. Judy: I agree!!! The second boots (the Borns) are so wonderful that I could walk all day in them, but the first ones? Back in my closet.
    I love that you have a standard poodle and that she totally "shadows" you! I guess that a trait and I actually don't mind it. They are so much like real people!!

  5. Love the vest!! You look fabulous as per usual!

  6. Lovin' the blue outfit and the walking boots. What a great song. I think I'll hum that the rest of the day... ;)

  7. Please come dress me. :) I am totally in love with that blue sweater. You look marvelous!

  8. Leah: Thanks!!! I love the way you hum....and make dinner for friends with a BOUQUET of flowers included!!! You rock.

  9. Problem with the Johnny Depp thing is that you saw his lizard self, not his real self!!!

    I love blue and thing you look pretty great in it.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. runningcaj: I am there for you any time and would love to go shopping with anyone and be their personal shopper! Maybe you could give me tips on how to get off my butt and start running again.

    Brett: LOLOLOL!!! You may have the secret to the movie. Good to be talking to everyone again!

  11. OK, Nancy Sinatra... thanks for sticking that song in my brain! The blue cardi & scarf are great on you. I am totally coveting the Coach bag. Lusting after it, actually!
    How is Ida?