The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Penny For Your Thoughts......

What was I so lost in thought over?   Well, we had done some travelling and I had great pictures.
I went to upload them (or download?) onto Picasa which I was trying out and ZIP!  I don't know which mistake button that I hit but all the photos were G O N E!  The disk from the camera was wiped-out!!!
I just wanted to cry!!!  Is there any way to retrieve this kind of thing???

OK, back to the blog.

My makeup today is new and one I figured I should try.   I prefer a pricier color, but this is all from E.L.F!!! 
The eye shadow was $5 for like 12 colors and they lasted all day!   The lip gloss was $5 for 5, and the colors were beautiful and it wore well.  Not sticky or gummy at all.  And they smell yummy!  Joy swears by the mineral eyeshadow.  And most of the items are only $1!!!!  I don't usually wear foundation, and the blush is Cover Girl "Cheekers" in Brick Rose.   It is a great summer neutral for warm or neutral skin-tones.  The total price for all the makeup for this look was under $20!!!  W O W.

It is super hot and I have actually worn red almost every day this month.  But, I thought I would show how a warm brown could actually be very cool to wear right now.  And orange and coral are great as well.  This look would also look gorgeous with turquoise!!!

The outfit is from my thrifting adventure last week with Joy!
It looks like a dress, but is actually a blouse and skirt which gives me a lot of versatility with the pieces.
Both are ATL

Amber & Sterling earrings from Denmark:  Gift from Mom and Dad!

Necklace from fabulous consignment store in Jefferson, GA

And the scarf....

Shoes: Thrifted and recycled.

snakeskin bracelet-thrifted

close-up of detailing.

So......before the disk was wiped, I somehow had this one picture saved.  It is me and my two youngest who had
completely covered themselves with mud by the river.  I am pretending to be afraid since they announced they looked like
a new-found species of "Root People".  LOLOL    But truly I was a little jealous.  Seriously, who doesn't like to play in mud by a river!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Thrifting We Will Go, A Thrifting We Will Go

Thursday, Lise and I finally had a chance to get together and do what we do best, chat and THRIFT!!  We dropped her daughter off at a party, got some breakfast and decided to hit up the local Goodwill.  Neither of us had ever been to the Goodwill in Winder, GA but we'd heard fabulous things about it. And it did not let us down.  It was awesome!

We got some pretty good buys.  I got Leah a pair of white Converse All Stars for $5. Once they were bleached, they looked like new.  She was thrilled! (I saw a new pair just like them today for $39.99!) I also found a cute pair of olive green, cargo capris. Lise found 2 cool pair of heels, a gorgeous Calvin Klein sweater dress and for her kids, a retro Nintendo 64 for $22! (I saw one of those at Play and Trade today for $40!) But what we bought was not the most fun.  The most fun was just going thru the racks.  Among the treasures, there was some real junk.  Someone apparently cleaned out their closet full of 80s dresses.  Oh, my. The trip down memory lane!!

There was a lot of floral prints and some of this:

And a whole bunch of this:
I mean, who DIDN'T have a dress like this?

We took a few pictures to share you with you.

This is a sweatshirt that has had a bow and a skirt attached to it. Lovely, isn't it? I believe Miss Lise might could even carry this look off. She did find a wonderful straw hat to complete this ensemble.

Next, we have the dress that I plan on wearing if and when I ever get a chance to audition for the Dynasty remake. Hey, Dallas is being redone, so why not Dynasty?  Alexis Carrington Colby has nothing on me! ( should have bought this just for the heck of it!)

This last dress reminded me A LOT of the dress that Kelley Taylor and Brenda Walshe wore to the prom.  Remember? They both had the same dress! This isn't exactly like it, but it's very reminiscent of it!
We  had so much fun at this Goodwill! I wish we'd taken even more pictures. I think we spent close to an hour just going thru the dresses! 

Cheap entertainment with a good friend! Who could ask for a better day?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Glamorous Life!!

That picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to post a pic of the Smokey mountains.  THIS is why they are called the Smokies!!

So, think the life of a blogger is just fun and fashion and glamour? Uh, huh. Check out this picture Blake took of me this morning BEFORE we were going to do blog pictures!

I take out the trash just like everyone else!  In fact, yesterday, on my day off, I cleaned house ALL day. And when I say all day, I mean ALL day.  I spent 6 hours cleaning out the kids rooms and their closets.  I threw so much junk and trash away! I also have a huge bag of clothes to take to Goodwill. You wouldn't believe the dust bunnies that were in there.  I also cleaned out the laundry room and the "junk" room. I still could spend a couple of more hours on the house.  The sunroom didn't even get touched!  ANYWAY, you didn't come here to listen to me whine about cleaning.  Here's the real pictures for today:

Striped green shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Floral tank: KMart!
Capris: Liz Claiborne
Purple sandals: Rack Room
Stripes and florals go together, right?  I'll end this post with a pic of the morning sun that Blake took this morning!  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh My Darlin' Oh My Darlin'

WOOHOO!! I'm the Blogger Darling of the Day over at Silvergirl.  Go check it out! If you've never been to her site, you're in for a treat!!!


Friday, July 15, 2011

It's A Wrap!!

Remember this Lilly Pulitzer wrap skirt I wore about a month ago? I told you then that it was reversible. So today, I reversed it and wore the other side.  You've gotta like paying $8 for a Lilly skirt and being able to wear it like 2 different skirts!

 I had a hard time finding something to wear with this side.  I don't think I was thinking outside the box enough. And I just ended up wearing a white tank. At least it has an interesting neckline.  What color would you guys put with this?
Jake wanted his picture made, too!

I'm actually writing this post from Pigeon Forge. Yesterday I attended the wedding of a daughter of my other best friend, B.  It was everything a wedding should be. Beautiful, sweet and surrounded with love from family and friends.  They got married next to a gorgeous stream in Gatlinburg, TN.
See how pretty?
And speaking of pretty, Leah looked pretty good in her skirt and purple shirt, too! (The wedding was purple, so we tried to stick to the theme. The flowers at the top of the post were the brides bouquet.)

I found the perfect dress, for me, a couple of weeks ago at Ross. I knew I wanted a maxi dress, but I just couldn't find one that was a. the color I wanted and b. inexpensive.  This dress was both! I snagged this baby for $17! And a pair of thongs previously bought at Kohl's for $10 completed the outfit! I added the Soul Friends necklace that B gave me for my birthday, some navy and purple earrings and I was ready to go!  Oh, funny story.  Leah forgot to pack my hairbrush when she was finished with it Thursday.  So, here we are in the hotel, trying to get ready, me trying to tame this 'fro I've got going on and I have NO hairbrush! I had a comb and my fingers. Yeah. 

Congratulations to the newly weds!! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roses Are.......

Roses are red
 now so is my hair
it started with clothes,
but didn't stop there!

The picture isn't great, but the red high-lites ARE!
I felt as fab as cotton candy!!!

If you are just tuning in...I NEVER....ever...wore red.  Then some lovlies brought me some red things and
I seem to be rather addicted.  I will get over it....someday.

So what was the inspiration for this departure from my usual Blonde?
Hairdresser had been reading the blog and so in the midst of the sea of blonde
he threw in some super red low-lites.   I was thrilled.

The skirt that started the hair. 
 It is from "Josephine" and was thrifted.
I love the necklace also.  It gives a bit of fun to the look.  The belt came with the skirt, but
I wore it over the t-shirt.   With the temps here around 100 degrees, I love skirts for a cooler feel.

See?  The skirt really is red and white.  Now, my hair is also.

Hairdresser "foiling" around on me.  LOL   I crack myself up.

After using color to cover gray roots, foils are added for low-lites.
Then Hairdresser does a technique called "Boliage" where he free hands streaks for blonder lights.

A birds-eye view.   A bird really didn't take this picture by the way.

Ta-Da!  The cut is swingy and easy.  The color is fun and a great change.
Well done Hairdresser!  I approve.   And that is saying a lot because I also did hair for years before getting married to
Hairdresser and having four kids.   If any of you have any questions, please ask and I would love to answer them all.
If you have a picture, that is even better!

Thinking of a change?  Worried about it?  Try some hi-lites or low-lites.  Instead of a higher maintenance allover color, this is much easier to maintain and easier to grow out.
Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Skirting the Issue

I know what my shirt says, but please love me!
It is Oh My Gosh HOT!!! And humid.  I used to not be much for skirts or dresses. I blame it on 5 years of Christian school and being made to wear them everyday. Not wearing them was my little rebellion.  But in the last couple of years, I've realized that skirts are MUCH cooler than capris or shorts, in the summer. AND they can be cuter and more work appropriate than shorts.

 Blake was instructing me how & where to pose today. In the sun or out of the sun.

This cute floral tee was a $2 Target clearance find. I had no idea what I was going to wear it with when I bought it, but for $2, I would find something.  And it goes great with this navy skirt from Kohl's.  And my navy Payless espadrilles.  I couldn't decide what jewelry to wear, so I went fumbling thru all my jewelry. The beloved dragonfly earrings were a no brainer. But I needed something else. And I found the PERFECT piece to complement the outfit.  The cuff bracelet I won from Brett's blog!!

See? It has all the colors and the style goes with the outfit, too!! Thanks, Brett, for completing my outfit today!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 100 BEFORE the heat index! UGH!! Good thing I have another skirt outfit planned!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sparkling Personality

So, yeah, I am so not Audrey Hepburn in any way, shape or form. But something about my pictures today made me think about these Breakfast at Tiffany's pictures of her. I think it's the chunky, sparkly necklace.

My outfit Friday was pretty much built around my sequin Converse shoes.

My feet have been cold at work and I wanted to wear closed toed shoes but I wanted to be sparkly and shiny, too.  Lise showed how to dress these shoes down a bit with her Sk8ter Mom look.  I decided to make them work appropriate.

So I paired them with a black tank, trimmed in satin and black/white pin stripe shorts.

Tank: Ann Taylor Loft
Shorts: Banana Republic
Converse: Kohl's ($11 clearance!!)
Necklace/earrings: Ann Taylor Loft
Sunnies: Tifosi
And then I decided I needed a little more BLING. So I added this chunky, very sparkly necklace and matching earrings.  Now one thing about this necklace. If I had to be outside for any length of time, I couldn't have worn it. It's pretty hot and humid here and a heavy, metal necklace and humidity do not go well together!

I think it ended up being a pretty good outfit to wear to work on a Friday. 

And no post about anything shiny would be complete without Captain Tightpants himself:

Have a great weekend, Y'all!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beware The Acorn People!

It is soooo nice to be back from the campground and have Internet access.  But, first a word about the title of today's post.  I was walking around the campground and this sign jumps out at me. 
Do I understand it? 
Well....sort of. 
I get that it is telling people to slow down because there are children playing. 
But is that what it's really saying?  Not to me.
Are the kids slow?  Is that even a kid in the picture?
Is his mind slow?  And WHY the heck is he/she wearing an acorn on his head?
Are we only to slow down because we have been attacked by the "Acorn People"?
And is it me or do the Acorn People wear knee-socks?
Wait, I think they are running around in loafers.  Is that why we should slow-down?  Everyone knows this kid should be wearing better shoes for playing!!!!

Is that a laser around his waist?  A belt?  W H A T???

 Fine. I'm getting over it.  Back to the reason I was at the Cherokee, NC, KOA.
I offered, as a wedding gift, to do the a bride and her mothers hair for her wedding at this campground.  We had met this family here, so it seemed a good idea.  
Easy, right?  She also brought 8 bridesmaids.  Do I look panicked?
I am.   The Hairdresser is......speechless as well.  But when it comes to hair we are the
perfect pair!  Enjoy the pictures.  And remember, this was all done at a CAMPER.
(because the wedding was outdoors, we did the hair outside so the hair would be conditioned to the temperatures.)

Hairdresser hard at work.  Nice hat.

Hold still, we will be right   I love this picture!

Me hard at work on a bridesmaid.  Cute shirt, huh.
Its a JCrew (new with tags) that I thrifted for $4!  The bow feels like velvet....I feel....not so smooth.

I hate tooting my own horn, but Hairdresser and I are good at doing hair y'all!!!!

Hairdresser at work on the Bride.

I did Brides make-up also and told her it could withstand the 100degree heat.  It did.  Yeah baby!

The girls all looked beautiful!  This was right outside by the pavilion!

Here comes the bride!

Another updo picture.  Hairdresser and I met while doing hair shows and we still love doing this!

So, I also want to give a shout-out to my amazing children.  During the morning, the bride came up and was so upset and I asked what was wrong and she started bawling.  Apparently the guys who came up to do all the decorating had gone fishing instead and the reception area and wedding area were bare.  I tell my kids the situation and that I have a crying bride.  It didn't take 2 seconds and all four (plus a friend) of the kids to take off and spend the next 5 hours putting up all the decorations, setting up tables...etc!  It was an Oriental Trading paradise!!!! LOL
I love my kids. anyone still reading?  For the weekend I will post some great outfit pictures.  Guess what color I am wearing.....I will give you a hint.......(red).