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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Thrifting We Will Go, A Thrifting We Will Go

Thursday, Lise and I finally had a chance to get together and do what we do best, chat and THRIFT!!  We dropped her daughter off at a party, got some breakfast and decided to hit up the local Goodwill.  Neither of us had ever been to the Goodwill in Winder, GA but we'd heard fabulous things about it. And it did not let us down.  It was awesome!

We got some pretty good buys.  I got Leah a pair of white Converse All Stars for $5. Once they were bleached, they looked like new.  She was thrilled! (I saw a new pair just like them today for $39.99!) I also found a cute pair of olive green, cargo capris. Lise found 2 cool pair of heels, a gorgeous Calvin Klein sweater dress and for her kids, a retro Nintendo 64 for $22! (I saw one of those at Play and Trade today for $40!) But what we bought was not the most fun.  The most fun was just going thru the racks.  Among the treasures, there was some real junk.  Someone apparently cleaned out their closet full of 80s dresses.  Oh, my. The trip down memory lane!!

There was a lot of floral prints and some of this:

And a whole bunch of this:
I mean, who DIDN'T have a dress like this?

We took a few pictures to share you with you.

This is a sweatshirt that has had a bow and a skirt attached to it. Lovely, isn't it? I believe Miss Lise might could even carry this look off. She did find a wonderful straw hat to complete this ensemble.

Next, we have the dress that I plan on wearing if and when I ever get a chance to audition for the Dynasty remake. Hey, Dallas is being redone, so why not Dynasty?  Alexis Carrington Colby has nothing on me! ( should have bought this just for the heck of it!)

This last dress reminded me A LOT of the dress that Kelley Taylor and Brenda Walshe wore to the prom.  Remember? They both had the same dress! This isn't exactly like it, but it's very reminiscent of it!
We  had so much fun at this Goodwill! I wish we'd taken even more pictures. I think we spent close to an hour just going thru the dresses! 

Cheap entertainment with a good friend! Who could ask for a better day?


  1. Sounds like you two really had fun! I kind of like that sweatshirt dress. :-) You're lucky that you have somebody to go thrifting with! It's so much more fun when you have somebody to share all your finds with.

  2. It IS more fun when you go with someone! It's fun to bounce ideas and looks off each other. A good friend is better than a long as that friend is also very honest with their opinion!

  3. you ladies are so much fun! wish I would have been there!

  4. You had so much fun, it makes the painful dresses a joy! You're right, who didn't own that Sunday School dress with the big white collar?

    Congrats on your great finds. Come on over and do Visible Monday tomorrow, if you can.

    (This is Patti from NotDeadYet Style)

  5. Bwah ha ha! Such fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing them. I'm glad you found some real treasures.

  6. What a great time! So so glad you are posting regularly again :)
    How's Ida?

  7. It looks like you had so much fun. My daughters and I have been reduced to giggles by some of the items we've come across as well.

  8. Hahaha I love seeing what people are taking to Goodwill. My husband ALWAYS finds clothes at Goodwill and I always come out empty handed... When he asked me about it, I had to remind him that for a guy a polo is alllllways a polo, but a dress for a woman can mean a million different things! :)

  9. loving this pictures so much
    so owned the black dress with the big white collar and yes, i owned the 90210 dress. bought for a black tie wedding.