The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, September 30, 2011


Yep, lame title. I know. I couldn't think of anything!

I've got a few outfits to catch you up on before this month is over. (As opposed to ketchup!) We have plans for other things for October!

So, here's Thursday's outfit. I don't like it. It was better in the planning than the execution. The  pants are too big, so is the belt. If the pants and belt had fit better, I think it would have been ok.

Khaki cargo pants: Ann Taylor
Belt: Rue 21
Flats: Target
I apparently have a thing for leopard this week, since I wore it twice. I tried tying a french knot with the scarf. I dunno. I do like the khaki and leopard and red together, though. I also liked how it looked next to Ben's big ole, redneck truck!

Red tee: Kohl's
Linen tan pants: Liz Claiborne
Leopard scarf: H & M

This last outfit is my favorite of the week. I found this at our favorite thrift store, PS Too, a couple of weeks ago and I've been dying for it to get cool enough to wear it.  Well, it's still in the 80s, but it's pretty cool first thing in the morning...and if you run the air cool enough during the day.... I also got the red belt at PS Too. I've been wanting a red (cheap) skinny belt and have had no luck finding one. These were on some pants and I begged her to let me just buy the belt.  I liked the pop of red with this outfit. (When don't I like red, though!)
Sweater: Liz Claiborne
Shorts: Kohl's
White Tank: Walmart
Shoes: Payless

Leah's posts make me aware of how boring my poses are. I need to work on it!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have a brother who eats absoluetly EVERYTHING with ketchup. *WARNING* Read in the parenthesis only if you want to gag... (cheese quesidillas with ketchup... I warned you!) Anyway... this post is about Catch-up not ketchup. These are some of my final 30 for 30 outfits. Tomorrow will be my last post about this topic... but far from my last post on this blog. Joy, Lise and I have some fun things cooking for October. (Here's a hint hold on to your tah-tahs ladies!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There is No Fair Here

My girls (aged 6 and 4 1/2) were squabbling about something not being fair. I used my mommy wisdom and told them "Fair has a ferris wheel and cotton candy. There is no fair here." Good right? Shut those little whiners DOWN! BOOM! Just like that. (Poor little things. You should have seen there little faces.)
Or so I thought. A few days later I was asking my 6 yr. old if it was fair that she play with her sister's toys and then not have to share hers? "Mom, fair is pony wides and wemonade. Dere is no faiw hewe." And BAM! Just like that I was put in my place by a six year old. (Yeah it happens more than you would imagine... *sigh*)

So here's what I wore the week I was schooled by a first grader.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday....

Actually, more like a manic weekend!! I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest! There has been no rest here today, or yesterday, for that matter!
Hair that seriously needs cutting and thinning!
Jeans: Gap
Black Tee: Kohl's
Striped Scarf: No idea
Plaid Espadrilles: Payless
Yesterday, I spent the morning cleaning house, catching up on washing and trying to figure out where and when I was supposed to pick up the girl child. Is it too much to ask that she actually ANSWER the phone that she just HAD to have?! I also got a much needed haircut.  Lise couldn't cut my hair this time so I went to see my previous hairdresser (and Ben's cousin) Terry Jordan at Head Games. (Seriously, local peeps, check him and the salon out. They are all great!) Though I missed Lise, I had a great time with Terry. He's hysterical and has some great old stories! Thanks, Terry!

Then it was off to get Leah, pick up Jake's meds and get some groceries! I was so busy, I forgot about the Georgia game! Well, at least I wore my colors to work, on Friday.  How many of you wear your colors to work on Friday before game day? Or is that just the SEC?

So, Sunday here's what I really wanted to be doing:
Instead, I got breakfast, cleaned out the dishwasher, loaded it again, did more laundry, went to the library, Rite Aid, ironed all my clothes for the week and made dinner.  I need a day off!! LOL  And I feel like the Zombie Einstein on my shirt. Which is pretty cool, huh? Maybe you need to be geeky to think it's cool? (TeeFury. Check it out. The shirts are for sale for one day only, so you have to check it out everyday.)

Energy=more caffeine squared!!
I'm linking up at Not Dead Yet Style:Visible Monday, cause this Zombie Einstein is definitely visible! LOL I got a ton of comments on it, good and bad.

Have a great week, Y'all!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Weeks 2 Weeks (I'm a parakeet)

Since I have a fantastic photographer I try to use her all in one day. These pictures are not in the order that I wore them. I mean seriously who wears the same shirt four days in a row? (No, do not give a show of hands...)

I have debated whether to rearrange them into some kind of accurate daily order, but you know what... my baby boy is probably going to be awake any minute and my 3 year old boy is potty training and walking around without underpants on... Oh the stories I could tell you about those two... *shudder* And besides I have to get the girls' home schooling done so we can go to the fair... maybe. So... here goes!

Oooo I'm a tough one eh? I feel weird smiling in my pictures because my front teeth are a little crooked. I've always been self concious about it. When I was younger I used to always cover my mouth when I would laugh. I've come along way with excepting myself but I'm still working on it. But you're scared of me in this picture. Right?
This is a picture I had to take myself with my timer... uh yeah... let's focus on the outfit and not the face shall we? I feel this is a successful attempt at mixing florals and stripes as well as black and brown. What say you?
"The Blues" blue skirt, blue shirt, blue beads oh and some yellow shoes. Too monochromatic or calming?
Weird pose but whatev.
Motorcycle- check. Barbie Jeep- check. Kids in the background- check. Wagon wheel by the tree- double check. How random is my life? (answer hint: VERY)

This is one of my go to outfits when I'm trying to show someone that you CAN wear black with brown. Wooden bead necklace and brown canvas wedges paired with a black eyelet skirt just seem right to me. Opinions?

The sun was SO bright this day and I'm a novice with my camera and my photoshop abilities are laughable. The shoes are my yellow linen pointy toe heels. And the cardigan is my gold pointenelle cropped cardi. And yes, my skin really is THAT translucent. I will continue trying to avoid skin cancer thank you. And have you ever seen a tan redhead anyway?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All By Myself....

Taking pictures by yourself is HARD! My camera has a timer.  I have a tripod but I'm not sure where it is! I have a new work schedule and I go in every day from 12-5. Well, there's no one home at that time of day but me and the dog! So, some of my pictures are going to be less than stellar, but I tried!!

I'm not really digging this weather.  I'm a total summer person. I love hot weather! And I'm sad to see it going.  I just don't like to be cold. BUT I am happy about getting to wear my cooler weather clothes.  I've missed them!!

I'm sure you've noticed that we've become a trio, and officially added Leah to our authors list.  She's a great addition, isn't she?! I can't wait to see what she does for her 30 for 30.  I do not have the guts to do it. I'm fickle. I like changing my mind on a whim!!

Ok. You come here to see outfits! Here's my outfits so far this week! I actually had a photographer for the first one!

White Tee: Walmart
Black Pencil Skirt: Target
Black Flats: Gifted from Lise
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Brown Jacket: Thrifted, PS Too
Purple Tank: Rue 21
Pants: Dockers, Kohl's
Brown Bow Shoes: I can't remember!

 Black Tee: Walmart
Gray Pinstripe Pants: Thrifted, Goodwill
Gray Patent Shoes: Nine West

Ok, you are caught up on me this week!! Now let me go read your blogs and catch up on you!!

Oh, and because so many of you have emailed and asked...Yes. I have lost weight! Thank you for noticing!! LOL I've lost 12 lbs! If I can lose another 10, I'll be down to my pre-pregnancy weight. And it only took 12 years to take the weight off!! :) 

Hakuna Matata

I'm putting my behind in my past... er... something like that. I know I'm waaaay behind in my posting. I can do a long post each week with all the pictures or I can do short posts daily. What do y'all prefer?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

What up folks!?!  I'm back!  Can you believe they didn't pull my plug?  (Me either...)  So here I am getting ready to post some more pictures of myself which is really weird for me.  I'm usually posting pictures on facebook of my 4 kids never of myself...

So here's the documentation of the 2nd week of this adventure.  Here is a visual list of the 30 items I have picked out for this challenge.  I picked mostly skirts because that's usually what I wear in the summer months.  The weather has been CRAZY here!!!  Hot, cold, hot, cold, rainy... sheesh.  So I've had to improvise with my narrow selection of pants. 
5 Tops
green babydoll- eyeshadow- thrifted $1
grey babydoll- old navy- thrifted $1
navy stripe tank- liz lange maternity- borrowed long term
white peasant sweater- ATL- gifted
navy stripe cre neck t- boy t- thrifted $1

3 Blouses
blue gingham- american eagle- thrifted $1
coral print ruffle neckline- banana republic- yard sale $1
teal swiss dot ruffle front- ATL- yard sale $1

4 Cardigans
chartruese ribbon flower- merona- gifted from target
polky short sleeve- old navy- thrifted $1
gold pointenelle cropped- thrifted $1
light blue crochet- merona- target $14.99

3 Dresses
brown crossfront- gap- thrifted $1
purple maxi- $12
black sleeveless- land's end- thrifted $1

3 pants
wide leg jeans- NY&Co- thrifted $1
straight leg- NY&Co- thrifted $1
cargo shorts- polo- thrifted $1

6 skirts (yeah six... that's how I roll)
red eyelet-  st.john's bay- gifted from Lise
black eyelet tie waist- vintage- thrifted $1
brown floral- karen kane- thrifted $1
blue tie waist- gap- thrifted and altered $1 (was a dress that I cut off the top of.  I wear it backwards and pinned with the tie in the front.)
coral floral- vintage- thrifted $1 (was a hideous maternity dress that I chopped up and added an elastic waistband to)
black floral- vintage- thrifted $1

6 pairs of shoes
 yellow linen pointy heels- daisy fuentes- thrifted $1.50
cognac "sandles"- impressions- yard sale $0.50 (they were closed toe flats that I cut the end straps to make into sandles)
cork wedges- thom McAn- thrifted $1.50
canvas wedges- paprika- gifted
pewter miniwedge- merona- target $10.99
red lace-up espadrilles- unisa- thrifted $1

This is what I've been mixing and matching.  I am hoping the weather will warm up just a bit so I can show y'all my creative ideas for all of these skirts!  Stay tuned!

Monday, September 19, 2011

From Blah to OohLala!

I am at the salon explaining to someone that I am trying to grow my hair out.
The hairdresser (aka-spouse) looks at me and asks why.
Well, its simple.   The longer the hair the more wrinkles it covers. 
I figure in a couple more years it will be long enough to wrap around my wrinkly,
 neck and my bangs will cover the forehead and crows feet.  Good plan....right?

Hairdresser looks at me like I have lost my mind.  He and his brother (also a hairdresser) shake their heads and explain that actually my hair was overwhelming my small features and dragging them down.
It was actually aging me!!!!  Yikes!

Do Something!
The big, full thick hair is also slightly aging.

A few moments and one haircut later......

No hiding the crows feet now, but I do feel  spunkier!

I love my new look!!!

This is my FAVORITE dress of all time!
The Red Dress Boutique 
The are located in downtown Athens, GA
but have a great online site for those outside the area!

My daughter Kaja was with me, and what was SHE doing while I was getting my haircut?
Posing her American Girl Dolls in the reception area and taking pictures!
I love Kaja!!!

Where did I find this most amazing dress?
Right here in Athens, Ga.  But luckily for you they have a website.
Go check it out and fall in love!
The Red Dress Boutique

Bracelets also from The Red Dress Boutique!

Shoes ATL

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Hope you enjoyed seeing what a difference cutting to
your bone structure makes!  I am feeling sassssy!

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Not Dead Yet Style
She is fabulouse (and I want her dress)