The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanky Panky

My world has been in a whirlwind all last week and into this week as well. It doesn't give me much hope when I realize that Christmas is only 32 (almost 31 days from now.) And since we've been staring at Christmas merchandise at the stores since the day after HALLOWEEN... it's almost like I've been desensitized to it. Anybody else out there feel a little perturbed about Thanksgiving being the ugly redheaded middle step child of the Holidays?

As a redheaded middle child I take extreme offense to this statement, by the way. I plan on suing myself for emotional pain and suffering. I will also demand that I make a public apology to myself denouncing such stereotypes.

So now that I have given lame excuses for not being a consistent blogger. (Like 4 kids 6 and under, homeschooling, and loosing my mind are valid excuses? WHatev! Suck it up!) And gone off on at least 2 different tangents...

Here are some more pinterest inspired outfits. Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Seriously folks... I'm dying here without some good boots. I know that cognac colored riding boots are EVERYWHERE this season but none that look good on my scrawny calf. They measure 11 inches in circumfrence and most boots have a shaft circ. of 15" or 16". sigh...

blouse- gifted from Lise. Cardi- Target last year (sale rack). Skinny Jeans- Wal-Mart. Boots- Peace Place $5. Necklace- Gifted from Lise. roken and repaired too many times to count. Earrings- self-made. Ring- Antique store cameo hot glued to a back up wedding band in case my hubby ever loses his real one... again.

Pinterest inspiration. Pretty close huh?

Pinterest inspiration. Gorgeous right?!?

Close up of my ghetto-rigged ring.

gingham shirt- Peace Place $1. Sweater- swapped from Krystle. skinny jeans- wal-mart. boots- peace place. Cameo- my momma's jewelry box. Coat- Peace Place $75. *UPDATE* Matilda- I owe you a flower clip for guessing how much my coat cost. lol. email me your address!

I JUST had to include this picture of my baby boy! He is almost 20 months old... I usually have a whole 'nother baby by now. It is strange to have my oven off for awhile. I'm usually baking a bun or pre-heating!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Put a pin on it

Anyone else obsessed with pinterest these days? I know I am. Here are some outfits I have compiled based on things I liked on pinterest and stuff I already had in my closet.

All the elements are a little different from the original idea, but I think overall it has the same effect. *BONUS I already owned all of these things.
Jacket is Wal-Mart sale rack about 2 years ago $3. Long sleeved purple T- peace place $1. Stripe T- Peace Place $1. Scarf- Peace Place $0.25. Jeans- Peace Place $1.

I think I hit a little closer to the mark with this one. I'm looking for a better chain for this cameo my mom gave me.
Grey sweater- Wal-Mart sale rack last year. Gifted from my mom (she paid $1). Blue gingham button down- Peace Place $1. Skinny jeans- Wal-Mart this year $11. Boots- Peace Place $3. I am also looking for the perfect pair of Cognac, knee high boots with a narrow calf circumfrence. Belt- Peace Place $1.

This one is based roughly on the concept of yellow and grey. The color combo is super hot this year and it's ALL iver pinterest. So... what have y'all been pinning about?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pattern Mixing And I Made This....

How crazy is it that my marigolds are STILL blooming and look this big and full? They've been blooming since like March!

I did a little pattern mixing this past week. One look, I totally stole from someone else and I can't remember where I saw it!!  I would give them credit if I could remember!! I layered a gray striped t shirt over a pink gingham button down. Paired with my skinny jeans and by brown boots, I thought it was pretty cute. Ben took these pictures.  I love the man to distraction, but he doesn't wait til I'm ready. He just snaps away! The 2nd picture is just all kinds of bad but I included it so you could see the patterns up close.

 T Shirt:Kohl's
Pink Gingham: JCrew men's, Goodwill
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Macy's. (I think I said in another post
they were from Belk's. No. They were from Macy's.)

I love that necklace. And I've never worn it
without getting at least 1 or 2 compliments on it!
This next outfit made me feel French.  I really don't know why.  Again, Ben was the photographer, but he did a better job on this one.
Stripe Tee: JCrew clearance
Scarf: Claire's
Capris: Target
Flats: Payless
Have I shown this ring before?
I can't remember. I got it at a
consignment shop Lise and I found back
in the summer.  It's my favorite ring!
Ok. So I made this. I have been wanting a circle scarf, but I'm cheap. I found online how to make one out of tshirt and it was so insanely easy! Which is good, because I am NOT crafty and I don't sew...AT ALL!  You take a cotton tee and cut the hem off.  The you cut it across the chest, just under the sleeves.  Then stretch, stretch, stretch, STRETCH!! It's easy, cheap and cute. What more can you want? (Again, not a good pic. I'm unhappy with all my pics today!!)

See that necklace? I got my mom to go thru
some of my grandmother's old jewelry that she
had.  And I found it.  I HAD to have it. LOVE IT!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm In Love, Too

 It was cold that morning!
Fur vest: gift from mama
Cream Gap Cable Sweater: $1 at Habitat!!
Old Navy Skinny Jeans
Leopard scarf: H & M, $4

But not really with Fall.  I think we all know that I am a warm (hot) weather girl. I love the sun and the beach! If it's under 75, it's cold!   I am in love with my new boots.  I wasn't going to splurge on anything, much less boots, right now.  But when I saw these a few weeks ago, I knew I was going to have to have them.  I may have even Eeeeed!! a little when I saw them.  My husband just shook his head. He knew I was a goner.  They have such a steampunk vibe to them. I've worn them 3 times this week!!

Bare Traps, Belk's
(I didn't get them on sale OR use a coupon!! Shhhh!!!)

   Honestly, I can't remember where any of this
outfit came from, for sure.  I think the sweater is
from Kohl's?  I'm not sure about the leggings. I have 
a hard time wearing them.  I actually didn't go that far out
into public with these! LOL

This is the sweater that Leah is going to be
so proud of me for buying!!
It's a Banana Republic silk and cashmere
sweater that I got for $1, yes $1, at Habitat!!
It's a guy's sweater, but I don't care!!
The skirt was thrifted last year at Sassy Pants.
The scarf was on clearance for $3 at Claire's. 

A lot of people don't realize that Habitat doesn't just have  house things.  There are tons of clothes there. You just have to be willing to dig through it.  Ben actually found a couple of suits there for $2 each.  We cleaned them and they were perfect.

 Ok, maybe I guess need to concede that I love Fall just a teeny, tiny bit just because I get to wear boots and sweaters!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Falling in Love

I've fallen head over heels in love with Fall all over again. I used to curse the fall because I knew Winter was coming next. But as I get older, I realize that we have to appreciate things (and sometimes people) for what they are not what they aren't and what they never will be or even what comes after them. Fall is certainly not the lively new awakening of Spring. It's not the sweltering, laid-back Summer. And it for sure isn't the dreary, gloomy, cold and barren Winter. (and for that I am truly grateful!)

Fall in the South is really marvelous. I certainly can't complain. Crisp mornings, warm and even hot afternoons. (my kids played barefoot outside in t-shirts and jeans yesterday Nov. 3) The colors are amazing. So amazing that I tried to copy them ALL week. Here's what I came up with...

My favorite outfit of the week. The cropped cardi is Banana Republic sale rack $7. Long sleeved T is Wal-Mart sale rack $3. The olive, silk-ish pleated shell is gifted. The silk scarf is Peace Place $0.25. Brooch is $5 Estate sale.

This top is so fun! You've seen it before but I have to just say again... I LOVE LACE! These cords are J.Crew. I got them both at Peace Place for a dollar each!

Feather top with feather earrings. Too much? The earrings were gifted by my sister, Hannah, who is indeed a rockstar. Check her and my cousin David out here and here. I liked this outfit. It's not totally "me" and I felt like I should be on the cover of a Dixie Chicks album or something but it was worth a try. Opinions?

I think I like this pumpkin colored top better with jeans but wanted to try these grey Gap cords with it. Both from Peace Place. The shoes are straight up thrifted 80's glory! I snagged them for their little wedge and that fantastic pop of teal.

For awhile there I was obsessed with polka dots. Then I moved on to stripes. Is paisley my next love? Why is my heart so fickle?

Same Paisley shirt, different look. The shirt and cardi are both... from... well.. I think you know by now. The skinny jeans I got from Wal-Mart. A splurge for me at $11.

Ok... I just HAD to add this shot. Is the wind not just PERFECT!?!? lololol

Trying something just a tad dfifferent with these cords... IDK... I need a photographer.

What aspects of fall inspire you?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wrapping it on up

So we've reached the end of our awarness campaign. Hopefully we have shed some light on two subjects that are rarely mention but need our support. I also hope we have been able to encourage anyone facing either breast cancer or domestic violence to seek the help they need to survive and thrive!

Here's my pink and purple outfit wrap ups. I thought I'd be sick of these two colors by now but I find myself scouring my closet for ways to incorporate them.

Every have one of those outfits that looks really great on you, but just doesn't photgraph well? Yeah... this is one of those.
Love these two colors together! I wanted to belt it and thought I might try beslting with a silk scarf and a belt. What do you think?
So... yeah... doesn't really look like pattern mixing until you see the closeup...
Now I know why this shirt was at the thrift store. It's gap but collects EVERYTHING!
Love these colors together too!
Comfy AND purple! Win WIN!