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Monday, November 7, 2011

Pattern Mixing And I Made This....

How crazy is it that my marigolds are STILL blooming and look this big and full? They've been blooming since like March!

I did a little pattern mixing this past week. One look, I totally stole from someone else and I can't remember where I saw it!!  I would give them credit if I could remember!! I layered a gray striped t shirt over a pink gingham button down. Paired with my skinny jeans and by brown boots, I thought it was pretty cute. Ben took these pictures.  I love the man to distraction, but he doesn't wait til I'm ready. He just snaps away! The 2nd picture is just all kinds of bad but I included it so you could see the patterns up close.

 T Shirt:Kohl's
Pink Gingham: JCrew men's, Goodwill
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Macy's. (I think I said in another post
they were from Belk's. No. They were from Macy's.)

I love that necklace. And I've never worn it
without getting at least 1 or 2 compliments on it!
This next outfit made me feel French.  I really don't know why.  Again, Ben was the photographer, but he did a better job on this one.
Stripe Tee: JCrew clearance
Scarf: Claire's
Capris: Target
Flats: Payless
Have I shown this ring before?
I can't remember. I got it at a
consignment shop Lise and I found back
in the summer.  It's my favorite ring!
Ok. So I made this. I have been wanting a circle scarf, but I'm cheap. I found online how to make one out of tshirt and it was so insanely easy! Which is good, because I am NOT crafty and I don't sew...AT ALL!  You take a cotton tee and cut the hem off.  The you cut it across the chest, just under the sleeves.  Then stretch, stretch, stretch, STRETCH!! It's easy, cheap and cute. What more can you want? (Again, not a good pic. I'm unhappy with all my pics today!!)

See that necklace? I got my mom to go thru
some of my grandmother's old jewelry that she
had.  And I found it.  I HAD to have it. LOVE IT!


  1. You crack me up! Outfit #2 is definitely tres francaise. The top looks like a french sailor's top. (I think that's what they're called.)
    Love the mix of turquoise & red in outfit #3. Aren't you the clever one with the infinity scarf! You definitely picked a cute tee to use. I probably would have cut apart an old gray one!!

  2. Joy, You look so skinny in your skinny jeans! I think most men are like that with taking pictures! My son is the exact same way! And my daughter says her boyfriend is the same way! Yes. You do look French! What is it that they say? Tres chic? I love that ring? I can see why it's your favorite. And way to go on making the scarf! I have been wanting to make one like that as well. It looks cute.

  3. LOVE the marigold picture and You look amazing in the tight jeans and boots! I think you have just inspired me to attempt a little scarf making! If it goes well, I will post about it and make sure you get the credit!!

  4. Very French, Madame. You look terrific. And you are crafty with your scarf-making; I am going to try that soon!

  5. love the gingham and stripes and oh so very french as well
    great combo on the red and turquoise as well.

  6. Hey Joy -
    I have been watching a Canadian show on Netflix called Murdoch's Mysteries. Are you familiar with it? It made me think of you because (I think) it's very steampunk.

  7. Hey there, I came in via another IFB blog. I'm in the south too and a new blogger of fashion. I'll be sure to add ya'll to my blogroll.

  8. The stripes with the scarf from Claire's is such a cute look on you!