The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, November 4, 2011

Falling in Love

I've fallen head over heels in love with Fall all over again. I used to curse the fall because I knew Winter was coming next. But as I get older, I realize that we have to appreciate things (and sometimes people) for what they are not what they aren't and what they never will be or even what comes after them. Fall is certainly not the lively new awakening of Spring. It's not the sweltering, laid-back Summer. And it for sure isn't the dreary, gloomy, cold and barren Winter. (and for that I am truly grateful!)

Fall in the South is really marvelous. I certainly can't complain. Crisp mornings, warm and even hot afternoons. (my kids played barefoot outside in t-shirts and jeans yesterday Nov. 3) The colors are amazing. So amazing that I tried to copy them ALL week. Here's what I came up with...

My favorite outfit of the week. The cropped cardi is Banana Republic sale rack $7. Long sleeved T is Wal-Mart sale rack $3. The olive, silk-ish pleated shell is gifted. The silk scarf is Peace Place $0.25. Brooch is $5 Estate sale.

This top is so fun! You've seen it before but I have to just say again... I LOVE LACE! These cords are J.Crew. I got them both at Peace Place for a dollar each!

Feather top with feather earrings. Too much? The earrings were gifted by my sister, Hannah, who is indeed a rockstar. Check her and my cousin David out here and here. I liked this outfit. It's not totally "me" and I felt like I should be on the cover of a Dixie Chicks album or something but it was worth a try. Opinions?

I think I like this pumpkin colored top better with jeans but wanted to try these grey Gap cords with it. Both from Peace Place. The shoes are straight up thrifted 80's glory! I snagged them for their little wedge and that fantastic pop of teal.

For awhile there I was obsessed with polka dots. Then I moved on to stripes. Is paisley my next love? Why is my heart so fickle?

Same Paisley shirt, different look. The shirt and cardi are both... from... well.. I think you know by now. The skinny jeans I got from Wal-Mart. A splurge for me at $11.

Ok... I just HAD to add this shot. Is the wind not just PERFECT!?!? lololol

Trying something just a tad dfifferent with these cords... IDK... I need a photographer.

What aspects of fall inspire you?


  1. Ok, I love the feather top with the feather earrings and those boots. That outfit is AWESOME! It's by far my favorite. And I also love the paisley shirt and cardi with skinny jeans.

    I need some more scarves. Maybe I need to head to Jefferson next week...

  2. You are not fickle, just fashionable! Fashion always changes its mind : > Love your red jeans, and all your looks are so fab.

  3. When I walked outside this morning, the air was crisp, cold, refreshing, invigorating...I love fall and the overall feel of it!! I do not think the feather earrings and feather top is too much...that is my favorite look of yours in this series!!