The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in the Smokies!

 My kids and I joined Lise and her family in Cherokee on Saturday for lots of Halloween fun! And oh my gosh, it was so much fun. They take Halloween very seriously at the Cherokee KOA. I think my kids got more candy last night than all the past years put together. It was amazing!  There was a costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest, trick or treating and a haunted forest.  We took tons of pictures. I'll post a few of mine here and then I'm going to link you to my Flickr account so you can see the rest. And I know that when Lise gets home and gets a chance, she's going to post her pictures, too.
This started out as a steampunk vampire. Then I decided the teeth were too much trouble. So I decided to be a vampire hunter and I think the steampunk just got lost along the way. That little Vamplet came from Dragon*Con. I kept asking people if they'd seen my baby's daddy, and if they did see him after dark, they needed to be careful. Leah said I was creeping people out! HA! The wool coat and wool Gap skirt both came from Goodwill for $5 each!! Woo!

Speaking of Leah. She was a disturbing Jester. And Blake and the other boys decided they were the Death Brothers, or something. 

The boys as the Death Brothers

Give me chocolate or I will cut you!
I found Elvis at the KOA! I think he was late for a show at Harrah's!

Leah as Evil Jester

Go to my Flickr page here to see more pictures from our Halloween fun!!

Happy Halloween, Y'all!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Run, Lindsey, Run!! Gator Stomp!!

That's right. It's time for the biggest SEC rivalry of the year, Georgia-Florida. What good UGA fan doesn't get chills when he hears a replay of Larry Munson screaming RUN, LINDSEY, RUN, in the 1980 matchup.! Made even more awesome by the fact that Larry broke his chair while calling it!!

Gator Stomp is from 2007 when we got excessive celebration penalties called after the celebration in the end zone after our first touchdown. But it was worth it!! We stomped the Gators that year. I'm looking for something like that again tomorrow, Dawgs. Don't let me down!!

So, the pink challenge is over. At least for me. Yesterday was the last day I plan on wearing pink this month. I had to wear my red and black today and tomorrow. Plus it's Halloween and there's no pink in my costumes. I enjoyed it, though. And I hope that I, and all the participating bloggers, brought a little more awareness to this horrible disease. Thank you, Melissa, for getting us all together to do this!!

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Cherokee with my kids to join Lise and her kids and family for Halloween fun at the KOA. We hear that Halloween is a big deal up there and our kids will probably be seriously jacked up on sugar. But it will be FUN!! Lise and I are dressing up and we'll definitely be sharing pictures when we get back.

Y'all have a safe and happy weekend!!


Last PINK outfit

Favorite PINK necklace

Favorite Pink outfit

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine.

When the going gets tough, the tough start......laughing?

Why yes, I do, thank you.

Stress hits and eventually I will start to giggle, laugh, and everything becomes downright funny. This has been a source of contention for many people who don't think I take life seriously. That isn't is at all. I have lived long enough to endure and experience much. Part of my wisdom comes from not taking everything too seriously and to learn to look for the good and humorous in small everyday parts of life.

For some cosmic (for lack of better explanation) reason, I have worn gray every day this week. I blame it on the weather. But many times what we wear reflects how we are feeling about life. Or what kind of morning we had. LOL! With raising a husband and 4 kids and working and preparing to move my mother-in-law in with us.....whew.

But, I came to work and Joy and I were laughing in no time!

My outfit today came from spending 1 hour running between schools and running out of time. I didn't mean to wear jeans, but the muddy poodle paw prints on my other pants made this necessary. I will have to say that even though I do not like denim, these are my favorite jeans and I could practically sleep in them. I am almost 5ft. 11 inches. These have a 36in inseam! Thanks GAP! And the 1969 style is so comfortable and the dark wash doesn't shout "Denim". The shoes are Bare Traps.

The shirt is Banana Republic and has shoulder pads. I laughed. The 80's have come back and "padded" me on the back. It looked so blah. Then I threw on this belt from Ann Taylor clearance and a ATL cardigan and was ready for the day! The belt has lots of beads and sequins.
It could have been a necklace. Well, I am wearing it as a there.

AAAAAAhhhhhhhh! I soooo have wrinkles!
Wait, lets say they are "laugh lines" from so much happiness!

Live, Love, Laugh!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taste The Rainbow

Yeah. Skittles. That's how I kinda feel about today's outfit. It's one of those outfits that seemed better in the planning than in the execution. But I had no time to find something different. I do like the blue sequins popping out of the silver cardigan (that looks gray in the pics). And I wore my PINK scarf for the BBCA challenge. I dunno. Maybe it's the pants. I'm just feeling very blah...and fat...and nothing fits right. I know we all have those days. The weather isn't helping. I think those are the days that we should be allowed to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over our heads and ignore the world!

BUT, I'm here and I have a smile on my face! I think all I need is some Coke. Coke is the best invention ever, isn't it?! Ok, I feel better now.

I think I need different pants.
I look very contemplative. I really just need a Coke!
I did wear PINK yesterday...and sequins. Sequins make me happy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How the West Was Worn

And this is how the West Was Worn!

Yes. This is me in denim. I have had this Ann Taylor jacket hanging around for a while because they look so cute on everyone else. So, I bought one. But, it doesn't see the outside of my closet because I don't usually wear denim. It's a total "feel" thing. But what better time to pull it and dust it off than a cool morning and pictures by a cactus? The funny thing is that this may become one of my favorites. It's all in how you add your own personality to a piece that my not be entirely you. It feels like me now!

The skirt was purchased from "Sassy Pants" on our fashion forage this past weekend. It is fabulous and from the brand "live a little", and with 20% off this Saturday, we did just that!

The shoes and belt were from JOY! (thanks Joy)!!!

The amazing necklace is from PS TOO! (I love you guys and need to come visit again).

The purse is a "Kiki Pearl" from a consignment store in Park City, UT.
Rock on, Girl!
High-heeled Mary Janes make me happy!!
Where are the girls who work here????
So....where have I been and what have I been up to?
From the look on my face good! LOL

Yes, it is an open umbrella in the office. I am tempting fate and laughing in its face....mwahahahahah. Actually, my feet were trying to "heal" from the field trip I took on Friday with the daughter. Was there a memo that this was a hike/climb through a forest? I didn't get that memo.
My favorite sandals will never be the same. Time for a pedi!
Look Joy I am wearing PINK! (It was borrowed, I was freezing)

Take a piece and make it yours!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The 80s, Date Night and Saturday Shopping

Ben's making me laugh!

It was a busy weekend! We unexpectedly found ourselves without children on Friday night! I love my kids, but don't you love it when you get a night just the 2 of you?! So, hubby took me to Outback and it was YUMMY! We also went to Target and Lowes because what date night is complete without going to at least one of those stores? We had to pick our daughter up at the football game on the way back home. I don't think I've been back to our high school football field since 1988. I felt like I had gone back to the 80s when we entered the gate. It was kinda weird, though, but interesting. Even saw some of the same people than I saw back then. Speaking of the 80s. How about these colors I have on today? All I need is a belt with some whales on it and you'd think it was 1986 again!

Sweater, Kohls, tshirt, kohls, pants Liz, Shoes Target
Saturday, Lise and I, and her daughter, took off shopping! She dropped her boys at my house and my wonderful husband watched them while we were gone. We went to a place that we were very excited about going to and let's just say that it wasn't what we thought. I did get a great pair of shoes, but that's about it. We then went to Sassy Pants in Athens. And WOW! We had a very good time in there. Lise found more things than I did. But I did get a great Ann Taylor denim skirt for $6!!

Sunday was spent cleaning house and doing laundry. It's such a glamorous life I lead. Don't be jealous.

This is me trying to get the camera away from Ben. I felt like he'd snapped enough shots!
Target sweater/tank,Old Navy skinny jeans, Michael Kors bag from B!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shop Your Son's Closet

Skirt:St Mary's Thift Store, $5
So yesterday I was feeling girly and feminine and flirty. And the pencil skirt and heels made me feel just a little Mad Men-ish. It's kinda hard NOT to feel feminine in a pencil skirt and heels, though.  And the appreciative looks from my husband helped too!! He says it's all about the shoes. I really don't think he's wrong. These are Nine West that I've had forever. The shirt is Van Heusen and I've also had it forever! You could also pair a men's button down with this skirt, too.

I just wanted you to see my cute owl up close!
   But today, I wanted something different. I looked thru my clothes and just felt like it was the same old, same old. I couldn't go shopping.....or could I? Hmmm...I started looking thru Ben's clothes, but nothing. Then I remembered that Blake has a couple of shirts that he's not that crazy about but that I DO like. Maybe I can wear something of his.  And this is what I came up with.  It's Blake's shirt, but the rest is mine. I paired it with a sparkly tank from Charlotte Russe and SJP for Steve and Barry pin stripe pants and my black flats from Lise. I liked the look of silver, metal, and chains with it, but I used the pearls to try to soften it up a little bit.  And I think the sparkles in the tank do that, also. I actually like the result!

If you find yourself looking for something to wear, but not able to shop, go shop in your son's closet, your husband's or any man in your life. See what you find!!

There's the owl again!
I don't have on any obvious pink today, but I do have pink toe nails and I think that counts!! And speaking of pink, Lise and I made our local newspaper. You can go here to see us! Just scroll down the page!

Have a great weekend, Y'all!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guys and Dolls

What is up with guys and dolls?
The other night #2 son comes into my bedroom looking terrified. I was perplexed because he is 12 and not afraid of anything. He loves scary movies and there hasn't been a video game invented or zombie created that makes him so much as bat an eye!

But, here he is by my bed and obviously disturbed. Here, readers, is the rest of the story:

Me: "Whats wrong Isak sweetie?"
Isak: They are staring at me
Me: They?
Isak: The dolls. They are creeping me out. I think they're planning something. Please come move them so I can sleep.

*(I interject here that we are moving everyone to different bedrooms. Isak got moved into Kaja's room and I got everything out of hers except the shelving with her dolls on it).

Me: (I am still not quit awake here) Uhmmmm....Which doll, honey? The Madame Alexanders, The porcelain Disney Princesses.....the.....(my sleep deprived brain is trying to come up with an even slightly scary doll that she possesses)
Isak: All of them. But especially the tall one with the red hair
Me: That would be the "Anne Of Green Gables" Doll.
Isak: She has a bag in her hand.
Isak: Can you come move them so I can go to sleep? I am too scared to touch them.
Me: s....u....r...e.

In the background I hear the other two boys informing me that I can't put the dolls in their rooms either because the dolls are creepy. By this time Kaja is awake and starts helping me move the dolls into my room. On the way she shakes the "Anne Shirley" doll at the boys and they jump! We both fell into gleeful laughter!

So, in conclusion, the boys have given the little sister her first ever ammunition to use against them. I think its pretty funny.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming...

It was chilly enough in the morning to wear my new sweater and leggings!
Both from the brand i.n.c. at Macy's
They are so comfortable and I love brown. You can't see the earrings but they are turquoise and I love that color combination.
In my adventure of make-up, this is my AVON face. I haven't worn Avon before but I loved what I am wearing! The lip liner in Neutral goes on smooth and stays and is a great color. The mascara is "Make it Big" by Mark. (an Avon company) It went on well and wore well also.
But the best thing I found was the eyeshadow/lip gloss compact! Amazing! I need to find a picture and show you all. You open the compact and see 9 shadows, then flip the shadows over and you see the 9 lip glosses. I love the colors. I think I try some more Avon products.

Oh, and the shoes......
Found at yard sale with other amazing shoes and are usually found on the feet of movie stars!
Donald J Pliner-Couture
They are black suede with studs and are like walking on clouds.
Peep-toe and all!

Oh baby what a fabulous day!
I would love to see pictures of your great shoes also!!!!
Here is the link to the makup I am wearing today-go take a look!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Really Hate to Iron

Do you hate it? I iron most evenings and occasionally, in the morning. I'd like to be one of those people that is very organzied and gets all her clothes ready on the weekends, so she doesn't have to iron during the week. Unfortunately, I'm not that organized and in Georgia, the weather changes by the hour! I can't predict on Saturday what I can wear on Thursday! I'd love to live next to a cheap dry cleaner that I could just take my clothes to. I'm such a bad wife, too. I won't even iron my husband's clothes. What? I'm not wearing them! He knows how to iron!

I love crisp, white shirts. But the only way to get that shirt crisp is to starch it and iron it. So, I do. I wore my leopard print shoes today, which my son said are "really ugly." Hmph. He just doesn't know shoes!

When I walked into my normal breakfast hangout, the first thing they said to me was "You're not wearing pink! Where's your pink?!" HA! It's in my belt. It may not be much, but it's there! I also have a little purple, too. I didn't find out til I was already out of the house that today GLAAD was sponsoring Spirit Day and encouraging people to wear purple to show solidarity and awareness of bullying and discrimination against gay teens, and promote tolerance for all. We don't need any more teens killing themselves because of bullies!

See? Pink stones in the belt!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Campers!

Lately I have been trying out every brand of makeup in order to bring you "The best of the best" in makeup. The funny thing about today is Joy loved my look and I have gotten lots of compliments...and....its Neutrogena-nourishing eye quad. It wears well and the colors are quite true and lasting. I haven't worn drugstore makeup in a long time, but this was a pleasant surprise!

The outfit: Ruffled shirt and pants from Ann Taylor Loft
Fabulous purse that has sequins on it....PS Too! WooHoo!
Oh, and the red shoes are from Ann Taylor Loft. And I am really hungry and waiting for someone to bring me country ham. I am addicted to it. Seriously. Joy snapped this picture as my tummy is growling and I was needing me some ham. Luckily we have sweet customers who love to bring us breakfast!

OK....on my last post I put out a teaser about my weekend. None of you thought I would be camping. Well, read on people....
This weekend we went camping. We always go to the same place. Always. Its a rule. A law. A pagan ritual....something. We own a spot of the KOA Kampground in Cherokee, NC. The hairdresser works from 8am-9pm almost every day. He does up to 5 women at a time and has assistants. So he has to get away from the salon and fame and the phone and.......

Camping? Hey, I am happy and can make friends anywhere and everywhere.
We make s'mores

This is Donald and John. That is not really Donald's hair even though he said it was. I have proof. See the black visor and brown curly locks on top?

Yeah, now its on me! Hahahahah. I stole Donald's hair. Who is Donald? Uhmmmm...did you not read the part where I said I make friends with everyone? We make friends here at the Kampground.

We get together by a fire and chat, and do potluck dinners and soon it is like a family reunion.

I wish you could see the butterfly on my pants. Soooo cute! The pants are Abercrombie & Fitch. They are thrifted from PS TOO! Love that place and now I still look cute even camping.
OK Happy Kampers (that's how you spell everything at the KOA) Have a great day!