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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I don't have a degree in Math

The other day my kids are doing math homework. One of them asked If I was good at math and could I help. I said "Son, let me let you in on the secret of math. There are all sorts of things that are so unnecessary".

For example: Finding what A and B are. Obviously what A & B are is lost. They should get back to the alphabet where they belong and stop mixing with the numbers. And they should grab X and Y while they are at it. X and Y first showed up at the end of the alphabet and didn't get enough attention so they hop over to science and call themselves chromosomes and now they are in the the math crowd. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!

And what is this with real and imaginary number? Serious? I told Harrison to put whatever the heck he wanted as an answer and just tell the teacher it was the answer he "imagined". If the numbers aren't real no one should care. If I had an imaginary friend, people would think I should see a psychiatrist. But no, see imaginary numbers and you get a freakin' degree in MATH!?! And one day they want you to simplify your numbers and the next you get complex numbers. Make up your mind! I think you mathematicians are making life much too difficult.

Mathematicians have no social life either because they are on a waaaayyyy different PLANE than the rest of us.

I know I am good with math because my boys are all looking at me in total must me awe. Then one of them says "Mom, I don't think I need your help with math any more".

See how good I am? Well, my work here is done. Goodnight y'all and have a fabulous week!


  1. OMG! I am dying laughing over here!! And I have to say, I feel the exact same way!!

    And my kids don't come to me for math! Ben has math and science and I have everything else!

    Agreement on the subject split should be a requirement for marriage!

  2. You're great, Lise! And here we thought we'd gotten out of math by the grace of a Divine Creator who had mercy on us and allowed the public school systems to graduate us.