The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rocking Butterflies!

Usually when I think about butterflies, I imagine cute little girls in fields of flowers and butterfly nets or something. Not a grown up image. However, Joy has done such a good job wearing something pink every day for the month of October and I, well.....haven't. So, after combing through my closet, I found a pink and white crisp Ralph Lauren button-down. I used to wear pink all the time and had a plethora of pink in my closet. I am not sure what happened, but now it is usually a no-show color in my shopping bag.

I paired the shirt with navy capri's from Ann Taylor Loft (yes, pink and navy go together and look quite smashing). But I really needed some some splash to offset the look from being too conservative and boring. I don't mind conservative clothes, but a touch of fun makes me smile even more!

Back to the closet.....and....Voila!....

One of the most fabulous pairs of shoes ever created!!!

Seriously, these were created. They are by Cydney Mandel, and came from Beverly Hills and cost (new) upwards of $300 (I am NOT kidding, go google it). But, the most impressive thing about these? I found them at a garage sale. Like new. Gorgeous. Perfect. And not $300.
It was lust at first sight. I did a close-up so you could see that there is a BEE on the butterfly flower!!! Heaven. My feet did a happy dance when I put them on.

I suppose the message today (because this has been an interesting few days-and thanks Joy for taking the kids so I could go to the funeral) is to sometimes buy something because it makes you smile. Because it makes you feel good. I look at these shoes and they make me smile. And my shirt is smiling because it isn't so boring anymore.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!! And your kids were fabulous today!