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Friday, October 8, 2010

So Far, So Good

We've gotten a few donations for our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. But we need alot more. Please, please bring us things to donate to the area cancer centers. We want to help in any way we can. When I talked to each center about what we wanted to do, they were so very excited and appreciative. Just as a reminder, they need washable scarves, turbans and hats. They didn't have alot of these during the summer, which they said wasn't as big a deal while it was warm. But now, that is is turning off cold, they really need these items. They would also like to have lotions and lip balms to hand out because the treatments make their skin and lips dry. The treatments also make their hands very sensitive to cold, so they have requested koozies and gloves. And everyone wants to look pretty even when they don't feel so pretty! Earrings and pins and necklaces are a great donation, too!

Everyone that brings by a donation gets a goodie bag from us and we will also put your name in for a drawing for a gift certificate to Adam and Eve Hair Salon. Everyone gets something!!

I think we all have been touched by cancer in some way. We've all watched someone we know and love fight this horrible disease. This is a way that we can help others, even if it's in a small way. It lets these women know that we stand behind them and we are fighting with them!

Today's blog is dedicated to one of my online friends. Miss C is a breast cancer survivor and she is actually the one that gave us the idea for collecting all these awesome things for the cancer center!! So thank you, C, for that!

  Thanks to  Mr. Escoe at Lighthouse Trophies
here in Colbert for our fab PINK State Farm shirts!

That awesome ring Lise has on came from
Agora in Athens. That place is so cool!

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