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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guys and Dolls

What is up with guys and dolls?
The other night #2 son comes into my bedroom looking terrified. I was perplexed because he is 12 and not afraid of anything. He loves scary movies and there hasn't been a video game invented or zombie created that makes him so much as bat an eye!

But, here he is by my bed and obviously disturbed. Here, readers, is the rest of the story:

Me: "Whats wrong Isak sweetie?"
Isak: They are staring at me
Me: They?
Isak: The dolls. They are creeping me out. I think they're planning something. Please come move them so I can sleep.

*(I interject here that we are moving everyone to different bedrooms. Isak got moved into Kaja's room and I got everything out of hers except the shelving with her dolls on it).

Me: (I am still not quit awake here) Uhmmmm....Which doll, honey? The Madame Alexanders, The porcelain Disney Princesses.....the.....(my sleep deprived brain is trying to come up with an even slightly scary doll that she possesses)
Isak: All of them. But especially the tall one with the red hair
Me: That would be the "Anne Of Green Gables" Doll.
Isak: She has a bag in her hand.
Isak: Can you come move them so I can go to sleep? I am too scared to touch them.
Me: s....u....r...e.

In the background I hear the other two boys informing me that I can't put the dolls in their rooms either because the dolls are creepy. By this time Kaja is awake and starts helping me move the dolls into my room. On the way she shakes the "Anne Shirley" doll at the boys and they jump! We both fell into gleeful laughter!

So, in conclusion, the boys have given the little sister her first ever ammunition to use against them. I think its pretty funny.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming...

It was chilly enough in the morning to wear my new sweater and leggings!
Both from the brand i.n.c. at Macy's
They are so comfortable and I love brown. You can't see the earrings but they are turquoise and I love that color combination.
In my adventure of make-up, this is my AVON face. I haven't worn Avon before but I loved what I am wearing! The lip liner in Neutral goes on smooth and stays and is a great color. The mascara is "Make it Big" by Mark. (an Avon company) It went on well and wore well also.
But the best thing I found was the eyeshadow/lip gloss compact! Amazing! I need to find a picture and show you all. You open the compact and see 9 shadows, then flip the shadows over and you see the 9 lip glosses. I love the colors. I think I try some more Avon products.

Oh, and the shoes......
Found at yard sale with other amazing shoes and are usually found on the feet of movie stars!
Donald J Pliner-Couture
They are black suede with studs and are like walking on clouds.
Peep-toe and all!

Oh baby what a fabulous day!
I would love to see pictures of your great shoes also!!!!
Here is the link to the makup I am wearing today-go take a look!


  1. Your kids crack me up! There is never a dull moment in your house.

    Ummm...I may steal those shoes, too!!

  2. Red heads ARE scary and we ARE planning something... very sinister indeed. Muah hahahhaha! >;)

  3. Lise, I enjoy reading your blogs. Your kids crack me up. BTW....I LOVE the shoes!