The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How the West Was Worn

And this is how the West Was Worn!

Yes. This is me in denim. I have had this Ann Taylor jacket hanging around for a while because they look so cute on everyone else. So, I bought one. But, it doesn't see the outside of my closet because I don't usually wear denim. It's a total "feel" thing. But what better time to pull it and dust it off than a cool morning and pictures by a cactus? The funny thing is that this may become one of my favorites. It's all in how you add your own personality to a piece that my not be entirely you. It feels like me now!

The skirt was purchased from "Sassy Pants" on our fashion forage this past weekend. It is fabulous and from the brand "live a little", and with 20% off this Saturday, we did just that!

The shoes and belt were from JOY! (thanks Joy)!!!

The amazing necklace is from PS TOO! (I love you guys and need to come visit again).

The purse is a "Kiki Pearl" from a consignment store in Park City, UT.
Rock on, Girl!
High-heeled Mary Janes make me happy!!
Where are the girls who work here????
So....where have I been and what have I been up to?
From the look on my face good! LOL

Yes, it is an open umbrella in the office. I am tempting fate and laughing in its face....mwahahahahah. Actually, my feet were trying to "heal" from the field trip I took on Friday with the daughter. Was there a memo that this was a hike/climb through a forest? I didn't get that memo.
My favorite sandals will never be the same. Time for a pedi!
Look Joy I am wearing PINK! (It was borrowed, I was freezing)

Take a piece and make it yours!!!!!


  1. I love that outfit. I love denim and black together, anyway, but it looks terrific with that skirt and heels!

  2. i just found you from a comment you made from Reva's blog. Yay, over 40. Keep up the blogging. I know it gets discouraging in a world of 20 something's making fame and fortune in their F-21 ensembles, but we gotta represent! xo from California. -Bella Q

  3. Thank you, Bella Q!!! I hope we're representing that over 40 can still dress cute and stylish, even if it's not from F21! LOL

  4. Love the pink jacket! :) I especially love that denim jacket, it's really fantastic. I know what you mean about the "feel" of denim. It's not particularly comfortable to me either but it's just so socially acceptable.

    (Sorry it's taken me so long to comment!!!)