The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Seeing a Pattern Here

A year ago I wasn't much of a thrifter.  I was good at shopping sales and such, but
buying "used" clothes made me itch.
Don't get me wrong, I donated a lot, but buying them?
Hah, what a difference a year has made!! 
 I consider myself saving the earth by recycling clothing and purchasing others discarded treasures. 
I am helping other causes by buying from thrift stores that assist shelters
or give training and jobs to others.
Really there are no downsides to thrifting!  At all......well....maybe one or two things.

And here they are: 
Ahem....aren't these adorable shorts???
Ann Taylor Loft and they are pink and black and plaid.  It was love at first sight even before I saw
the $3.00 price tag.   But, something seemed familiar about this adorable find.
Rule #1:  When thrifting
Do NOT buy your own clothes back from thrift stores.
There was a reason you gave them away and now you paid $3 to get them back.
D U H!
(don't believe me?)
Here is the forensic evidence:

Look at my butt.  Yes, go ahead.  Its the black and pink plaid shorts!!!!
This picture is from a few years ago, about the time I gave these shorts away.
And... now... have them back.

Rule #2: 
You will NOT be welcomed back at Macy's if you KEEP yelling
"Look, New With Tags"!
They KNOW its new with tags....EVERYTHING in the store is.
I just forgot where I was for a moment.

So, keep on thrifting ladies!  The upside of thrifting still outweighs the awkward moments.

I am writing this as I look out the window watching the sun filtering through the trees.
Leaves sailing about on the wind and a hint of cool in the breeze.
Aaaaahhhh the end of the dog days of summer.
Fall is peeking around the corner. 

And nothing says the dog days of summer than this picture.
Kaja, Beau (dog) and Josh

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FOR SALE!! Help Clean Out My Closet!

I have several things listed here and a variety of sizes! Keep in mind that I haven't really laundered anything so it all needs pressing!

If you're nearby and I can meet you, I will.  If you want to buy something and I need to ship it, add $5!

Thanks for looking!!

Click HERE!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peace Out!

Yay for the hippie look!  And what better dress to wear to "Peace Place".  Right?
Since it has been up near 100 degrees, I love the light, airy feel of a silky maxi dress.  And today one of my BFF's and I were going to her favorite thrift store to find some things to heat up our wardrobes.

This maxi is from PS Too in Athens, Ga.  as are the sandals.
I love this picture because you can see how W A Y out we are.  But, like PS Too which benefits Project Safe,
Peace Place is a thrift store which helps a woman's shelter.  How can you not want to support that????

Here is a close up of my thrifted "Moda" sandals. 
Look....rhinestones!!!!   sigh.....sparkly makes me happy.
I am possibly over-dressed for thrifting.  And I don't care!

The one and only......LEAH. 
Always perfectly polished, gorgeous and talented!  (she is the one who makes all those flower pins for us) 
 I would hate her except she is so darn cool!!!
 And she does it all with 4 kids in tow!!!
They were ever so helpful while we were shopping. LOLOL
OK, they are the cutest kids ever!

I had to add this picture!  I just H A D to.
There are kids in the shopping cart and look at the bottom of the jacket......
yeah, little hands playing with the velvet.  LOL
Mother of the Year!
(I have 4 also, so I remember)
2 hours later, Leah's kids look happy to be  going home.  I wonder who will fall asleep first?
Probably Leah.
 Sooooo, did we find anything?  Well, Leah found the most incredible silver dress which I took a picture of and can't find now (stupid camera!!!)  And, Wednesday is 8 pieces for $8!!!!  I got this jacket for $1!!!
What is so amazing about that is that this still had the tags on it which I just had to take a picture of.

$229.00-Jones New York.....I paid $1!!!
I am so excited that I will not even talk about the fact that when I cleaned out my wardrobe this spring,
I got rid of another green jacket because I had too many.  sigh.  But it was only $1!!!!

Bunches of Bangles

And for my 15 year old son who loves listening to "vinyls", a little Queen.
For those of us who called them records, they are now called Vinyls. lol

We both also found some other great deals and made good use of the 8 for $8.
And knowing we were helping another shelter, made this even better.
Have a fabulous day!
Peace out......

Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

So, it's almost 10 PM and I had every intention of linking of with Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday post.  I guess, technically, it IS still Monday!

I felt VERY visible in this outfit today.  I don't usually wear yellow and this yellow felt very, very bright. And then I go and pair it with this bright blue Lilly. And well, I don't think you could miss me walking down the street today!!  Is this outfit color blocking? Does the pattern in the skirt make it not qualify?

Yellow tee: JC Penny's, $4
Lilly Pulitzer wrap skirt: Thrifted, $12
Nude thong sandals: Goodwill, $5
Bottlecap necklace: ?, $6
I had no idea what shoes to wear with this outfit, though. So I settled on the nude thongs.  Buying those shoes may have been one of the best $5 investments ever.

Isn't the necklace too cute? I bought it from this cute little boutique in Lawrenceville, GA and I've totally forgotten the name of it! But they always have a booth at Dragon*Con and I will see them in 10 days!! YAY!!

Go check out Not Dead Yet Style's blog and link up with her next week. Just try to not be as tardy as I!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In The Pink!

I was going to title this To Tuck or Not To Tuck until I realized that I've worn pink 3 times in the last week!  And honestly, I just liked this picture.  Blake can be quite the little photographer, when he wants to be.

Here's the whole  outfit:

 Pink blouse: Van Heusen, OLD!
Embroidered capris: Christopher & Banks
Sandals: Goodwill

I don't actually have another full length picture of me looking at the camera! I was trying to see what Jake was trying to get into! I love these capris because they are embroidered with palm trees and the ocean. And we all know how much I love palm trees!!

This outfit is why I was going to post about tucking or not.  I couldn't decided whether it looked better with the shirt tucked in or left out.  Oh and this entire outfit was thrifted!!! The shirt and the skirt both came from PS Too, which benefits Project Safe. And the shoes are from Goodwill. The purse is from Atlanta's Thrift Store. Not sure where the belt came from!  Ok. You vote.

Pink Blouse: Kohl's via PS Too, $4
Floral Skirt: Coldwater Creek via PS Too, $8
Carlos Santana Sandals: Goodwill, $5
Nine West Leather Bag: Atlanta's Thrift, $3

Watch: Charming Charlie at Mall of Georgia
Ring: Cute little boutique in Savannah, GA

We can wear jeans to work on Fridays. Last Friday, I just wanted to be comfortable.  So I picked this Hilfiger pink polo and my favorite denim Target capris, but I didn't have any shoes. Well....Leah has these really cute pink Converse All Stars slides....maybe, she'll let me borrow them.  And she did! I think they made the casual outfit!!

By the way....I wore the shirt tucked into the skirt!  Elegant Bohemian, I credit YOU for making me realize that I need to tuck things in!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red, Set, Go

Note to children:  Thank you to the lovely child who got my note about dinner.
However, when I said to add water to the roast.....I didn't mean Grape Propel!!!!!
I meant that stuff that comes out of that silver thing attached to the sink....It is called water also.
Although the Grape Propel was interesting.  LOL

My look today was brought to you by "speed".  I had literally 35 minutes to get showered, dressed and ready for work at the salon...17 minutes away.
No problem
One recycled Target sweater (red)
One fabulous skirt from Goodwill

One Owl necklace, and another silver one added for interest and sparkle.
(I LOVE Owl's)

Belt it!!!

Watch out! (guess when the pictures were taken?)

Silver slippers...and we are done.  And I was right on time!!!
Yay for red!

Do you have anything that you tend to grab when you are rushing?  A great "go-to" outfit that always works?
We would love to hear about it!
**Hey everyone in the Athens, Ga area!!!!!  Do not miss this great garage sale!!! 
I am sure Joy and I will be there.  Arbor Salon & Spa (Mitchel Bridge Road)
Friday & Saturday, August 19, 20th.  8-3 pm!

100% of proceeds from our yard sale will go to Project Safe. All unsold items will be donated to the Project Safe Thrift Store. Large and small items can be donated now until August 19th. @ Arbor Salon and Spa 1155 Mitchell Bridge Rd. Athens,Ga. 30606. To learn more about Project Safe visit them online at: Please join us !

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's That Time of Year!! And it's BUSY!!

Do I look excited?!

 Do they look excited?

School is BACK! Woohoo! I'm so ready to get back into a regular routine and schedule.  And so ready to NOT hear I'm soooo bored from the kids!  But it's so busy!  Someone always needs to be somewhere, someone always needs to be picked up, someone always needs something!

So, here's a quick outfit roundup of the few work days:

 White Shirt: Kohl's
Khaki Capris: Walmart YEARS ago
Sparkly, Shiny Sandals: Payless via gifted from B!

My friend, B, wore these shoes for her daughter's wedding in TN last month.  Before I left, she took them off and said, Do you like these? I was like, Uh, yeah. Shiny, sparkly, silver. What's not to like? And she said, Then take them home. I'll never wear them again! I'm not sure how I've ever lived without them! LOL And the best detailing on these capris is the rhinestones details on the bottom and you can't see it in the pictures!!
 Black Rose Tee: JCrew Clearance
Black Pencil Skirt: Kohls
Sparkly, Shiny shoes: Payless
I think this would have looked better with the shirt tucked in and a silver or black patent belt. But I just never last all day with a belt. It starts to get on my nerves and I end up taking it off.  
Red Striped Shirt: Old Navy
Denim Skirt: Target
Blue Espadrilles: Payless

I think I'm done with tees from Old Navy.  They've gotten where they don't seem to hold up like they used to.  This is the 3rd shirt lately that has ended up with a hole in it after 2 washings.

So, how busy has your week been?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Why the "Deer in the headlights look in my eye?" 
Thursday I got hit with the realization that the kids start school tomorrow!  "Holy Hotcakes Batman!"
(yes, we start school August 5th....ugh)
I give everyone 5 minutes to get in the van, throw on some clothes, and realized my hair was in
B A D shape.   It's growing out and the usual forward style was not an option.
So, one can of hairspray's thrown back and I am ready to go.
Just for the record, I have never worn my hair like this.

New "do"...brought to you by desperation. lol
I kinda like it though...what do you ladies think?

So, I have to give a shout out about these earrings.  One of our readers sent them and they are my
new favorite!  Not only are they light as a feather, but I love the way they cascade down my neck.
I also got a belt which goes well with it!

My makeup today is brought to you by Maybelline.  I had some coupons from CVS
and thought I would give the brand another try (it worked in High School).
I love the colors and it wore pretty well in this humid Southern state.  I am pretty pleased and
can't wait to try some new colors.  I got the lip-liner, lipstick and eye shadows and mascara
without paying a penny!
Yeah baby!!!
The mascara was "Falsies" which I bought because the name cracked me up.  But I love it!



shoes-thrifted and adored at Goodwill in Winder
Joy and I both wear a size 10 so we have to take turns buying from the shoe section.  lol

I had all the kids school supplies, but we found some super great deals on clothes at the outlets in Commerce, Ga.
We also had a great time and all ate at Ryans Steak house to re-charge.
My kids are fun to shop with!!!
This year is a milestone because my youngest son started middle school which leaves Kaja the last one in elementary.
She is in 4th which means that, all too soon, my babies are grown!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby, I Was Born This Way!!

This post is going to be a little different. Let's talk about nature versus nurture. You know are you defined by heredity or your environment or both.  I fall on the side of both, personally. I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm adopted. If you saw me with my parents, you'd never know. I look so much like my family!  Just today, a guy at my parent's house was going on about how much I favor my daddy! We let him go on for a few minutes before telling him I'm adopted. He was floored!

I feel like I get a lot of my traits from my parents.  I'm not very organized, like my daddy. And neither of us can remember names worth a flip. I'm a huge reader, like my mama, and we both like word puzzles. And then there's our love of shoes. But there are many traits that don't come from either of them. I have a temper like you wouldn't believe. And my daddy is very, very slow to anger. I am so not domesticated and don't care to learn. But I grew up watching my mama cook and sew and knit and cross stitch and macrame.  And my politics couldn't be more different from their's.

So I said all that to tell you that my daughter wants to learn to sew.  She is very crafty. This people is an example of nature.  Ben's mom, who disowned us a couple of years ago, is very crafty. She is Martha Stewart, as is his sister.  But Leah hasn't been around them much and not at all in the last 2 years. And though Mama used to do all that craft stuff, she hasn't done it in Leah's lifetime. And she certainly hasn't seen me do it! (I gave that child my hair and eye color and my temper and that's about it! LOL) So all that craftiness just came down thru the blood.

Last week, she decided she wanted to make a Domo. She's obsessed with this thing.  She found one to copy on the internet, I bought the supplies and she made it. She did it all, by hand.  I think she did a pretty good job for her very first sewing project.  Now, she wants to make more things.  And my boss was kind enough to pass along a beginner's sewing machine that had been her daughter's.  How sad is it that BEN is the one teaching Leah how to use it and not me?  I would like to say I care and that it bothers me, but it really doesn't!

Here's her creation:

Not bad, huh? It's a little rough around the edges, but it was her first sewing project! I think she did great! Other things she didn't get from me include her athleticism, her unlimited compassion for animals and her style of dress. Oy! I hate the way the child dresses!! LOL  But I love who she is and I love that she's strong enough in herself that she doesn't compromise that style for anyone. Actually, I love that AND I hate it.  That hard headedness? That came from me!

And, baby, she was born that way!!
I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby

I was born this way

Thank you, Lady Gaga!