The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peace Out!

Yay for the hippie look!  And what better dress to wear to "Peace Place".  Right?
Since it has been up near 100 degrees, I love the light, airy feel of a silky maxi dress.  And today one of my BFF's and I were going to her favorite thrift store to find some things to heat up our wardrobes.

This maxi is from PS Too in Athens, Ga.  as are the sandals.
I love this picture because you can see how W A Y out we are.  But, like PS Too which benefits Project Safe,
Peace Place is a thrift store which helps a woman's shelter.  How can you not want to support that????

Here is a close up of my thrifted "Moda" sandals. 
Look....rhinestones!!!!   sigh.....sparkly makes me happy.
I am possibly over-dressed for thrifting.  And I don't care!

The one and only......LEAH. 
Always perfectly polished, gorgeous and talented!  (she is the one who makes all those flower pins for us) 
 I would hate her except she is so darn cool!!!
 And she does it all with 4 kids in tow!!!
They were ever so helpful while we were shopping. LOLOL
OK, they are the cutest kids ever!

I had to add this picture!  I just H A D to.
There are kids in the shopping cart and look at the bottom of the jacket......
yeah, little hands playing with the velvet.  LOL
Mother of the Year!
(I have 4 also, so I remember)
2 hours later, Leah's kids look happy to be  going home.  I wonder who will fall asleep first?
Probably Leah.
 Sooooo, did we find anything?  Well, Leah found the most incredible silver dress which I took a picture of and can't find now (stupid camera!!!)  And, Wednesday is 8 pieces for $8!!!!  I got this jacket for $1!!!
What is so amazing about that is that this still had the tags on it which I just had to take a picture of.

$229.00-Jones New York.....I paid $1!!!
I am so excited that I will not even talk about the fact that when I cleaned out my wardrobe this spring,
I got rid of another green jacket because I had too many.  sigh.  But it was only $1!!!!

Bunches of Bangles

And for my 15 year old son who loves listening to "vinyls", a little Queen.
For those of us who called them records, they are now called Vinyls. lol

We both also found some other great deals and made good use of the 8 for $8.
And knowing we were helping another shelter, made this even better.
Have a fabulous day!
Peace out......


  1. Where in the heck in Peace Place? I think I need to visit!!

  2. Its right off the Jeffereson hwy. about a mile from the police station. On the left there is a billboard that says Peace Place, and you have to pretty much turn left as soon as you see it, and Subway across the rd. from it. Its a warehouse looking building. It is pretty fun!

  3. Wait! I am thinking we need to grab Joy and ALL go!!! LOL

  4. You are a queen thrifter! I can't believe you got that jacket for $1.00!!

    Love how you wore the strapless maxi by adding a shirt under it.


  5. Heather- I haven't had good luck with keeping strapless dresses up. A shirt prevents wardrobe malfunctions....especially running around with kids. LOL

  6. you are a maxi girl! you look awesome and is that a tee underneath? Perfect! (i thought it was a dress!) And OMYGOOOD that jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    300 bucks for 1 dollar! And brand new! and a great color and shape!!!!
    I bow to your thriftiness, you are the reigning Queen hands down!

  7. oh i love the colors in your maxi and that pic of your friend in the jacket is priceless
    lol buying that green jacket after you threw one out

  8. Fabulous maxi dress and wow- what a find on the jacket!

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  9. I don't care how much green you have...for one dollare it was a must have purchase!! The maxi is actually beautiful and for some reason makes me think of The Beatles...not sure why!

  10. WOW! You did awesomely great!! Next time we ALL go!!!

  11. I adore that maxi on you, that's not overdressed at all! It sounds like you ladies had a FABULOUS day and found tons of great stuff! A successful trip indeed. :)

  12. Wow -- I am GREEN with thrifting envy! Great score. And I think your "hippie chic" look is quite appropriate for thrift shopping. You look terrific!

  13. Oh you are ROCKIN the "hippie dress" my dear! And I LOOOOVE Queen, so I think that is a rad find!

  14. That brings back sooooo many memories!!! LOL I have 4 also, but they're about grown. Looks like a great time and you look BEAUTIFUL! ~Serene