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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In The Pink!

I was going to title this To Tuck or Not To Tuck until I realized that I've worn pink 3 times in the last week!  And honestly, I just liked this picture.  Blake can be quite the little photographer, when he wants to be.

Here's the whole  outfit:

 Pink blouse: Van Heusen, OLD!
Embroidered capris: Christopher & Banks
Sandals: Goodwill

I don't actually have another full length picture of me looking at the camera! I was trying to see what Jake was trying to get into! I love these capris because they are embroidered with palm trees and the ocean. And we all know how much I love palm trees!!

This outfit is why I was going to post about tucking or not.  I couldn't decided whether it looked better with the shirt tucked in or left out.  Oh and this entire outfit was thrifted!!! The shirt and the skirt both came from PS Too, which benefits Project Safe. And the shoes are from Goodwill. The purse is from Atlanta's Thrift Store. Not sure where the belt came from!  Ok. You vote.

Pink Blouse: Kohl's via PS Too, $4
Floral Skirt: Coldwater Creek via PS Too, $8
Carlos Santana Sandals: Goodwill, $5
Nine West Leather Bag: Atlanta's Thrift, $3

Watch: Charming Charlie at Mall of Georgia
Ring: Cute little boutique in Savannah, GA

We can wear jeans to work on Fridays. Last Friday, I just wanted to be comfortable.  So I picked this Hilfiger pink polo and my favorite denim Target capris, but I didn't have any shoes. Well....Leah has these really cute pink Converse All Stars slides....maybe, she'll let me borrow them.  And she did! I think they made the casual outfit!!

By the way....I wore the shirt tucked into the skirt!  Elegant Bohemian, I credit YOU for making me realize that I need to tuck things in!!


  1. Hm, I like the last two untucked looks.

  2. Funny -- I did a post titled tuck or not tuck back in April. I liked the tucked-in capris, but the untucked rolled jeans. I love that ring -- how cute. You should post it over on Wear it Wednesday (design style innovation). She did a statement rings link up.

  3. Ooh, really? I should!! Thanks, Kari!!

    Kari, you would rock a pair of those Converse! I actually thought of you when I saw the pic!

  4. I love the pink blouse tucked into the floral skirt, + the belt. Very pretty! For casual, the pale pink top + rolled capris looks just perfect. Win-Win : >

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  5. okay have i stepped into bizzaro world
    you are wearing pink like crazy and lise is wearing red like crazy
    what is going on?????

  6. i love that watch!!!
    Maybe I should try the tuck,too!
    I am afraid of the tuck ;)
    (muffin tops and such)

  7. Brett is right...we have gone crazy Joy. lol
    But you look fabulous in pink