The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red, Set, Go

Note to children:  Thank you to the lovely child who got my note about dinner.
However, when I said to add water to the roast.....I didn't mean Grape Propel!!!!!
I meant that stuff that comes out of that silver thing attached to the sink....It is called water also.
Although the Grape Propel was interesting.  LOL

My look today was brought to you by "speed".  I had literally 35 minutes to get showered, dressed and ready for work at the salon...17 minutes away.
No problem
One recycled Target sweater (red)
One fabulous skirt from Goodwill

One Owl necklace, and another silver one added for interest and sparkle.
(I LOVE Owl's)

Belt it!!!

Watch out! (guess when the pictures were taken?)

Silver slippers...and we are done.  And I was right on time!!!
Yay for red!

Do you have anything that you tend to grab when you are rushing?  A great "go-to" outfit that always works?
We would love to hear about it!
**Hey everyone in the Athens, Ga area!!!!!  Do not miss this great garage sale!!! 
I am sure Joy and I will be there.  Arbor Salon & Spa (Mitchel Bridge Road)
Friday & Saturday, August 19, 20th.  8-3 pm!

100% of proceeds from our yard sale will go to Project Safe. All unsold items will be donated to the Project Safe Thrift Store. Large and small items can be donated now until August 19th. @ Arbor Salon and Spa 1155 Mitchell Bridge Rd. Athens,Ga. 30606. To learn more about Project Safe visit them online at: Please join us !


  1. Cute skirt!! I don't think I've seen it!!

    You need to wear more red!! I love it!!

    Grape Propel? So, how did it taste?!

  2. Grape Propel!!! BAhahahahaha! THAT is hysterical.

    You look utterly amazing, generally speaking, but even more so for having rushed to put this together! So fresh and crisp with the white and red. I love this!

  3. You look beautiful...sometimes those rush jobs have beautiful results. I can only imagine the roast...

  4. Okay. First of seriously look like a model. Ann Taylor or Talbots needs to hire you right have that very elegant sophisticated look! That outfit is spot on perfect! Grape Propel, eh? Hmmmm...... ~Serene

  5. That is an adorable outfit. Quite impressive for a quick dressing time!

  6. You most definitely don't look like you hurried this look - it's so chic and pulled-together. I love owls too : >

  7. Grape Propel?!? That's pretty crazy and kind of fun sounding, though.

    You look fabulous for getting pulled together so quickly.

    I'm going to try to come to the sale on Friday! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  8. omg, the grape propel is making me laugh so hard
    thank goodness i had just swallowed my sip of tea before i read this
    look you wearing red!!!!

  9. Love the detailing on your skirt!!

    Grape propel?! How did it taste?

  10. wow -- you look amazing! Completely put together! and the grape propel story -- hahahahaha!

  11. Do NOT attempt to make gravy with grape propel! It is sooooo nasty! As a matter of fact, I don't suggest using it in cooking at ALL. LOLOL It has a wierd after taste also.