The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, December 30, 2011


try not to smile at that cute little face at 8 o'clock. lol
inspiration found via pinterest. I'm still working on my "top knot" bun... i think this only works with straight hair? any tips?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinky and the Brain

Here are some outfits I haven't posted yet. Mostly thrifted as usual. Mostly pieces you've already seen remixed in a different way. And mostly pieces that are pink and/or a mushroomy, brainy, greige color Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You're a Mean One

I received this scarf as a gift from a super wonderful friend. It is MY shade of green. It makes my eyes look more green and my hair look more red. Plus it's one of those awesome ruffly-scrunchy kind. I was so excited to wear it.
I paired it with my chartruese cardi because I liked the colors together. They are similar colors yet not really the same all at the same time. Then I realized what this outfit really looked like...
You're welcome for that.
A cute little fox ring I got off ebay for $0.99 and free shipping. WOOT WOOT!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

 Isn't this cute? It was Mama's but I begged for it
this year.  I can't remember a Christmas without it! I even
think Mama painted this herself years and years ago.

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you decorated? Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care? We finally finished our shopping this week! It was difficult to fit it in to our work schedules, but we did it and it's done! YAY! And I have THE best husband.  He LOVES to wrap. I hate to wrap, cause I'm really bad at it.  And he is really good.  So he does all the wrapping! It's awesome!

So, here's my work outfit of the day.

AT&T Sweater
Sparkly black tank: Charlotte Ruse
Gray w/black pinstripes pants: Goodwill
Black Shoes: Rockport (who says comfy shoes can't be cute?)

Please ignore the lipstick on my teeth! Aack!

I posted this close up because I wanted you to see my sparkly snowflake earrings and to draw your attention to the tree.  See the ornament with the pictures? That's Leah at 3 1/2 and Blake at 2. I love those pictures. They are so cute. And they are the only personal ornament on either of my trees.  I'm not big on personal, sentimental or hand made ornaments.  I know. Bad mama. But I'm just not.  But that one ornament is my concession. Anyone else have any weird Christmas hangups?  

The party's on
The spirit's up
We're here tonight
And that's enough
Simply Having 
A Wonderful
Christmas Time

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

All That Glitters

...Is gold... Someone please try to tell me that you are not singing Pink Floyd's "Stairway to Heaven" in your head right now... I digress.

One of my holiday party outfits that isn't overty Christmas. I plan on wearing this to a casual, but elegant nighttime baby shower. I am also thinking this will double as my New Year's Eve ensemble... that is IF the hubs and I do anything besides put the kids to bed and watch a movie on Netflix... ;)
I went for another monochromatic look.
Gold cardi- Peace Place years ago= $0.78
Gold and cream sleeveless blouse- Banana Republic outlet 70% off rack= $7ish
Skinnies- Wal-Mart= $11
peep toes- payless years ago= $17ish
Necklace- Banana Republic Outlet 70% off rack= $4
Earrings- Peace Place= $1.50
Since the details of this outfit were hard to photograph I thought I'd share some close ups... don't be shy... yes... please... come closer...
Too close. A little too close.
So.. what are you wearing to all the festivities this season?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Deck The Halls

I mainly posted this picture just to show you a little more of my Christmas decorations.  It's not like a lot of people come to my house to see them, so y'all are my guests! (Side note, isn't it sad that people don't "visit" anymore? I remember when we were kids always going to a cousin's house. The parents "visited" and the kids played.  No one really does that anymore.) Anyway, putting out Christmas decorations is a JOB, isn't it? And it's a shame to go to all that work and no one really see it! I think we should all  just have an open house party here in blogger world!!

 Green stripe top: Ann Taylor Loft
Blue sweater: Work
Cream pants: Liz Claiborne
Shoes: Born

 I'm trying to make this limited wardrobe a little different everyday.  Whatever I'm outwardly wearing, whether a blouse or a sweater, has to have the logo on it. And I have to keep in the team colors of royal blue, white, black, light blue, light green tops and the pants can only be in the khaki color family, black, blue, dark brown or gray. Shoes have to be brown, gray or black. No peep toe. (And my tat can't show!) I know it doesn't really SOUND that limited, but it is.  So I've been trying to add jewelry, a scarf, a belt and patterned hose/tights to make it more me. One of the guys just couldn't understand why my belt was knotted instead of buckled.  He just shook his head and said, Only a girl would think of doing something like that. LOL  Well, it was just another way of trying to "deck" myself!

We finished our Christmas shopping today! How about you?

Monday, December 12, 2011


So, this is my take on Leah's 'Pattern Party'... It's hard for me to be as bold and daring with my colors and patters as she today, I went with nude colors and subtle patterns--something a little more 'my style'.

I was laughing so hard in this picture because my son was riding on the dog as if she were a horse saying 'Giddy-up, Pinto!'...

I have a love affair with Eddie...Bauer, that is! I ALWAYS love most everything they have in that store! It seems to be the perfect combination of womanly/trendy. Both the scarf and the blouse came from Eddie Bauer. Gotta love it!

Floral, plaid, and solid combo:

Here is a close up of the detailing on the cardi:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas. Get it.  I'm wearing blue...beside a Christmas tree.... I crack myself up! 

So, this past weekend was my last weekend of training. No more driving back and forth to Atlanta and staying in a hotel. YAY! But, I must say the Homewood Suites Hilton on Cobb Parkway in Atlanta was awesome.  They have a free hot dinner Monday thru Thursday nights and a free hot breakfast every morning.  The rooms were nice and spacious and the food was great.  They couldn't have been any nicer.  Whenever we go somewhere, I will be sure to check for a Homewood Suites! (And no, I am not being paid for this gushing! LOL)  

My training group and I ate very well, for the last month. We got money for meal allowances while there and we made the most of it.  But I am definitely paying for it now.  My weight is up and my clothes are tight! ACK!  Back to the diet!!

Sweater: Lands End, AT&T
Shirt: Macy's via Goodwill
Skirt: Target
Tights: Target
Boots: Bare Traps, Macy's
You will probably see me in variations of the outfit above.  I have to wear team colors to work and that's a little limiting.  I will try to take pictures of outfits when I'm NOT at work, provided I'm actually going out.  Trust me, you do not want to see me in the sweats and flannel pants I wear around the house!!

I'm linking it up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Visible Monday because today was my first day actually on the sales floor and I felt very visible! And a little overwhelmed.  But I'll get it. I'll get it!
Have a great week, Y'all!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Granny Glam and the Librarian

No offense to anyone out there is who is a grandmother. My own mother was a Grandma at 37 (which is only 9 years old than I am right now... YIKES!) If you are reading this you are probably not wrapped up in a crochet shawl, walking with a cane to the store to get your 65 cats more food. My outfit today was indeed inspired by those kinds of grannies... but hopefully in a little more glamorous way.
So here's the granny count:
1. Baby pink ruffles- check!
2. Cream lace cardigan with pearl buttons- check!
3. Oxford shoes- check
4. Necklace that looks l ike Christmas ornaments- check!
5. "Sherlock Holmes" plaid swing jacket- check!
6. Cameo ring- check!

Love this jacket! Peace Place $1.

Krystle and I take our kids to the library every Thurdsay. The walls in the meeting room were not the greatest backdrop, but here we are! Krystle said she likes to dress like an elementary school teacher. I think she hits the nail on the head most days. Professional enough to look pulled together yet casual enough to get on the floor to play blocks or change a diaper.
I think since we were at the library we'll just call her a librarian today instead of teacher. So what's got you inspired lately?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up!

I know I've been MIA lately.  Sorry about that.  I've been crazy busy.  But Leah and Krystle have been doing an EXCELLENT job.  You'd never know Krystle was a newbie at this! And Leah still amazes me with her $1 finds.

So, I've got good news and I've got bad news.

Bad news: I lost my insurance job back in October.

Good news: I FINALLY found a new job with AT&T!

Bad news: I have to wear only certain colors and  AT&T shirts.

Good news: I still can wear some accessories to make the outfits ME!

I've been in training for the last month. Thank goodness, training is OVER on Saturday!! Woohoo!!

I'll have to get a couple of pictures of me in my work attire to post on the blog just so you can see how I look.  But in the meantime, I do have a couple of pictures of me in "regular" clothes that I don't think I've posted yet. And I'm wearing gray in both of them, hence the title.  This first outfit is actually what I wore for my job interview for AT&T.  I was a little hesitant about the red belt, since it was an interview, but I felt like the belt was true to ME, you know? I don't know if you can really see it, but I have on a penguin bottle cap necklace, too. Also, very me!

I'm not sure where I wore this next outfit.  But I love the yellow with the gray!

I'll try to be around more but with a retail work schedule, it's going to be more difficult.  One of the great things about having all of us doing this blog is that usually if one can't post, someone else can!

Monday, December 5, 2011

pAtTeRn PaRtY!!!

What exactly constitutes a party?

I think this group of outfits definetly fits this category.

As soon as I saw this skirt at Peace Place last summer I KNEW I wanted to wear a triped shirt with it... is that weird? I also have been waiting to find the perfect boots because I also knew I wanted to mix brown and black. My inspiration for this outfit.

This pattern party may have exceeded maximun occupancy standards... IDK. I almost felt like I was trying too hard. Opinions? Inspiration here.

THIS party however, seems to be just right. Houndstooth shoes, argyle tights, pinstripe skirt, geometric print shirt details. Maybe because they are all of the same color. Monochromatic I believe is the term. (also snuck in my brooch party... you know just for fun.)

This one is a little toned down. Just my amazing plaid taffeta shirt (from Peace Place) with a detachable ruffle. (SHUT UP! I KNOW!) and a blue faux snake skin shoe. I liked the idea of pulling that bright blue from the plaid shirt.
In this picture I am indeed watching my son pee on the carpet off camera... for some reason I found this funny at the time... not so much when I had to get out the steam cleaner...
How can youu NOT smile at this face though?

This is what I wore about a month ago when my hubs and I were invited to see a UGA bulldawg game... from a SKYBOX! It was amazing! A girl could get used to that kind of lifestyle AND the boxowner's wife said I "looked like a million bucks." Interestingly enough... the skirt was $1... as was the shirt... and the shoes... the long necklace and big ring were borrowed from Krystle. The earrings were gifted from Joy. And the cardi is from target big girls section clearance. The belt was also target clearance. So... $1M some times = $33.

I haven't actually worn this out yet. It's something I came up with when I was changing through these outfits. This might be one of my favs.

So as you can see I've been hosting quite a few parties lately. Anybody else in a party type mood?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

double duty

So, today was Sunday. I envy those who are able to have a very relaxed and laid back Sunday afternoon/evening. One day, I hope to be able to enjoy such for now, my Sundays are filled with struggles of getting myself and three children (3 and under) all fed, dress, and in the car on time, keeping them quiet and corralled during church then back in the car to get home and get lunch made...THEN we pack back in the car and go visit family for dinner...and I always hate having to take the time/energy to change half-way through the day- I love having something that I can just 'tweak' a little to be comfy enough for the rest of the evening! I really liked the top half of my outfit today, so I just changed the bottom, easy-peasy, NO FUSS!

This is what I wore to church:

sooo, I had the hardest time trying to get this photo to upload... I was doing a weird 'foot pop' in the picture, so maybe it's the computers way of telling me to never do that again...idk
Luckily for
you all, after about 20 attempts, it worked-so you all get to see it...focus on the elements of the outfit and try to look past my awkwardness...

After getting home, I changed into this:
It's a little blurry but when you're your own photographer, you take what you can get!
LOVE the shoes! Purchased at
Macy's, I think (with Leah).

Here is a close up on the belt/shirt/cardi combo :)