The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, December 15, 2011

All That Glitters

...Is gold... Someone please try to tell me that you are not singing Pink Floyd's "Stairway to Heaven" in your head right now... I digress.

One of my holiday party outfits that isn't overty Christmas. I plan on wearing this to a casual, but elegant nighttime baby shower. I am also thinking this will double as my New Year's Eve ensemble... that is IF the hubs and I do anything besides put the kids to bed and watch a movie on Netflix... ;)
I went for another monochromatic look.
Gold cardi- Peace Place years ago= $0.78
Gold and cream sleeveless blouse- Banana Republic outlet 70% off rack= $7ish
Skinnies- Wal-Mart= $11
peep toes- payless years ago= $17ish
Necklace- Banana Republic Outlet 70% off rack= $4
Earrings- Peace Place= $1.50
Since the details of this outfit were hard to photograph I thought I'd share some close ups... don't be shy... yes... please... come closer...
Too close. A little too close.
So.. what are you wearing to all the festivities this season?


  1. Such lovely pieces, Leah -- those earrings are exquisite! As an aging hippie, I feel I must pipe up about the song: Led Zeppelin did Stairway to Heaven : > Happy Thursday!

  2. Pink Floyd? LOL Ok, Patti, I think we need to school (corrupt) the sweet Mormon girl!! I'm just teasing, Leah. You know I love you.

    And those earrings are gorgeous. The whole outfit is festive without being over the top and fussy. You do monochromatic better than anyone I know!

  3. so elegant. love the entire outfit and those earrings are so cute. what's Peace Place??? I live in Tn and never heard of it. Sounds like something I'd like according to their prices ;)

  4. This JUST in... I'm THE biggest idiot! Stairway to Heaven is by Led Zepplin not pink Floyd! YIKES!!!

  5. Peace Place is a thrift store near Leah's home.

  6. Apparently I was an iodiot ALL day, yesterday! I wished my friend "Have a great time in Central America!" She was leaving for ECUADOR!!!! As in on the EQUATOR!!!! AS in SOUTH america... sheesh...