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Friday, December 16, 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

 Isn't this cute? It was Mama's but I begged for it
this year.  I can't remember a Christmas without it! I even
think Mama painted this herself years and years ago.

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you decorated? Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care? We finally finished our shopping this week! It was difficult to fit it in to our work schedules, but we did it and it's done! YAY! And I have THE best husband.  He LOVES to wrap. I hate to wrap, cause I'm really bad at it.  And he is really good.  So he does all the wrapping! It's awesome!

So, here's my work outfit of the day.

AT&T Sweater
Sparkly black tank: Charlotte Ruse
Gray w/black pinstripes pants: Goodwill
Black Shoes: Rockport (who says comfy shoes can't be cute?)

Please ignore the lipstick on my teeth! Aack!

I posted this close up because I wanted you to see my sparkly snowflake earrings and to draw your attention to the tree.  See the ornament with the pictures? That's Leah at 3 1/2 and Blake at 2. I love those pictures. They are so cute. And they are the only personal ornament on either of my trees.  I'm not big on personal, sentimental or hand made ornaments.  I know. Bad mama. But I'm just not.  But that one ornament is my concession. Anyone else have any weird Christmas hangups?  

The party's on
The spirit's up
We're here tonight
And that's enough
Simply Having 
A Wonderful
Christmas Time

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  1. Lovely decorations, Joy - and you look wonderful too! Happy Saturday to you : >

  2. I don't think it's weird/bad mama that you don't like those kind of ornaments - taste is personal. I'm not fond of a lot of them myself, but then, I'm not a mother!

    I love the shoes, I popped over to the Rockport website (sale this weekend) to see the styles. Definitely think I may be investing in some!

  3. My grandma had one of those & I've kept it all these years, too.

  4. you are good, being all finished and stuff
    i have developed a total zen attitude this year
    whatever gets done, gets done lol
    ooo sparkly snowflakes, love it
    no weird Christmas things here i don't think anyway

  5. NOT ready for Christmas yet! I'm one of those who waits till the last minute. You look very pretty next to that glittering Christmas tree. Hop you have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Joy, you look great and you have the prettiest complexion! I am already getting a little sad that this is the last week...I love the "Christmas state of mind" and just love this time of year!!

  7. The Christmas decor is so cheery!

  8. I can't see any lipstick! You look really good! really pretty. You're so lucky that your husband loves to wrap. My kids got all their presents unwrapped. I told them to close their eyes and hold out their hands. :-) And yeah. I'm serious. That stocking is great! Those are my favorite kind of decorations as well.