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Friday, December 9, 2011

Granny Glam and the Librarian

No offense to anyone out there is who is a grandmother. My own mother was a Grandma at 37 (which is only 9 years old than I am right now... YIKES!) If you are reading this you are probably not wrapped up in a crochet shawl, walking with a cane to the store to get your 65 cats more food. My outfit today was indeed inspired by those kinds of grannies... but hopefully in a little more glamorous way.
So here's the granny count:
1. Baby pink ruffles- check!
2. Cream lace cardigan with pearl buttons- check!
3. Oxford shoes- check
4. Necklace that looks l ike Christmas ornaments- check!
5. "Sherlock Holmes" plaid swing jacket- check!
6. Cameo ring- check!

Love this jacket! Peace Place $1.

Krystle and I take our kids to the library every Thurdsay. The walls in the meeting room were not the greatest backdrop, but here we are! Krystle said she likes to dress like an elementary school teacher. I think she hits the nail on the head most days. Professional enough to look pulled together yet casual enough to get on the floor to play blocks or change a diaper.
I think since we were at the library we'll just call her a librarian today instead of teacher. So what's got you inspired lately?

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