The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Monday, December 5, 2011

pAtTeRn PaRtY!!!

What exactly constitutes a party?

I think this group of outfits definetly fits this category.

As soon as I saw this skirt at Peace Place last summer I KNEW I wanted to wear a triped shirt with it... is that weird? I also have been waiting to find the perfect boots because I also knew I wanted to mix brown and black. My inspiration for this outfit.

This pattern party may have exceeded maximun occupancy standards... IDK. I almost felt like I was trying too hard. Opinions? Inspiration here.

THIS party however, seems to be just right. Houndstooth shoes, argyle tights, pinstripe skirt, geometric print shirt details. Maybe because they are all of the same color. Monochromatic I believe is the term. (also snuck in my brooch party... you know just for fun.)

This one is a little toned down. Just my amazing plaid taffeta shirt (from Peace Place) with a detachable ruffle. (SHUT UP! I KNOW!) and a blue faux snake skin shoe. I liked the idea of pulling that bright blue from the plaid shirt.
In this picture I am indeed watching my son pee on the carpet off camera... for some reason I found this funny at the time... not so much when I had to get out the steam cleaner...
How can youu NOT smile at this face though?

This is what I wore about a month ago when my hubs and I were invited to see a UGA bulldawg game... from a SKYBOX! It was amazing! A girl could get used to that kind of lifestyle AND the boxowner's wife said I "looked like a million bucks." Interestingly enough... the skirt was $1... as was the shirt... and the shoes... the long necklace and big ring were borrowed from Krystle. The earrings were gifted from Joy. And the cardi is from target big girls section clearance. The belt was also target clearance. So... $1M some times = $33.

I haven't actually worn this out yet. It's something I came up with when I was changing through these outfits. This might be one of my favs.

So as you can see I've been hosting quite a few parties lately. Anybody else in a party type mood?


  1. All of your looks are fabulous...this was a great party..glad I stopped by!

  2. I'm not feeling #2, but love everything else, esp the brown outfit and the skybox outfit.

  3. Great pattern-mixings, Leah - I love a houndstooth skirt -- and a blue snakeskin shoe too!

  4. What a party! Love the patterns.