The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, December 4, 2011

double duty

So, today was Sunday. I envy those who are able to have a very relaxed and laid back Sunday afternoon/evening. One day, I hope to be able to enjoy such for now, my Sundays are filled with struggles of getting myself and three children (3 and under) all fed, dress, and in the car on time, keeping them quiet and corralled during church then back in the car to get home and get lunch made...THEN we pack back in the car and go visit family for dinner...and I always hate having to take the time/energy to change half-way through the day- I love having something that I can just 'tweak' a little to be comfy enough for the rest of the evening! I really liked the top half of my outfit today, so I just changed the bottom, easy-peasy, NO FUSS!

This is what I wore to church:

sooo, I had the hardest time trying to get this photo to upload... I was doing a weird 'foot pop' in the picture, so maybe it's the computers way of telling me to never do that again...idk
Luckily for
you all, after about 20 attempts, it worked-so you all get to see it...focus on the elements of the outfit and try to look past my awkwardness...

After getting home, I changed into this:
It's a little blurry but when you're your own photographer, you take what you can get!
LOVE the shoes! Purchased at
Macy's, I think (with Leah).

Here is a close up on the belt/shirt/cardi combo :)



  1. YES!!! You were with me when you bouth those shoes. How else would you have picked yellow shoes but with me? ;) Side note: I was also with you when you bought the yellow belt. lol. LOVE the outfit and the transition from church wear! Good work bloggy blogger!

  2. I heart those shoes almost as much as I covet Leah's. (Leah, you know the pair I mean!)

  3. Can I just add that I miss Lise? Where is she???

  4. Love how you made your outfit on target to the inspiration. Ah but your missing the brooch party. Leah you let her get away with that? :)