The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fashon Blogger Virgin

My Name is Krystle and this is my first time...
I am so excited to have the opportunity to join Lise, Joy and Leah here on Southercomfort! I am fairly new to trying to be somewhat fashionable but I am proud to report that it has been almost a full year since I've last worn a plain 'ol T-shirt out to the grocery store!
Leah has been OODLES of help in this transformation. I still forget to do my hair (see pic. below) and at times have a lack of accessories, but hey, we've got to start somewhere!
Shrit: Motherhood (nursing)
Cardi: Peace Place
Scarf: Walmart
Skinny Jeans: Walmart
This is one of my first attempts of pattern mixing... striped shirt and bird scarf. I tied the scarf in a double windsor knot because it was that odd length where it was too short to double over and too long to leave like normal...this seemed to work well... and I love how easy it is to just slide the knot down if it's getting a little too warm (crazy GA weather) -- What do you think?


  1. hi Krystle
    welcome to the land of fashion blogging
    are joy and lise out recuiting bloggers these days lol
    nice to meet you

  2. Hi Krystle - nice to meet you - I like your pattern-mixing, and the way you tied your scarf is really cute!

  3. Yay! This is great! You look so cute! Welcome to the blog!!!

    I promise to post this week. I have started a new job and have been in training for the last month!

  4. I've been wondering where Lise & Joy are... welcome, Krystle. Great boots! Nice color mixing on the outfit;

  5. my students have graduated and left me in their fashionable dust! and i LOVE it!

  6. AWE! What a warm welcome, thank you all!
    Tammie- it's funny that you say that b/c just today Leah and I were talking about how trendy you are and that we maybe should start following you around-ha! ;)