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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanky Panky

My world has been in a whirlwind all last week and into this week as well. It doesn't give me much hope when I realize that Christmas is only 32 (almost 31 days from now.) And since we've been staring at Christmas merchandise at the stores since the day after HALLOWEEN... it's almost like I've been desensitized to it. Anybody else out there feel a little perturbed about Thanksgiving being the ugly redheaded middle step child of the Holidays?

As a redheaded middle child I take extreme offense to this statement, by the way. I plan on suing myself for emotional pain and suffering. I will also demand that I make a public apology to myself denouncing such stereotypes.

So now that I have given lame excuses for not being a consistent blogger. (Like 4 kids 6 and under, homeschooling, and loosing my mind are valid excuses? WHatev! Suck it up!) And gone off on at least 2 different tangents...

Here are some more pinterest inspired outfits. Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Seriously folks... I'm dying here without some good boots. I know that cognac colored riding boots are EVERYWHERE this season but none that look good on my scrawny calf. They measure 11 inches in circumfrence and most boots have a shaft circ. of 15" or 16". sigh...

blouse- gifted from Lise. Cardi- Target last year (sale rack). Skinny Jeans- Wal-Mart. Boots- Peace Place $5. Necklace- Gifted from Lise. roken and repaired too many times to count. Earrings- self-made. Ring- Antique store cameo hot glued to a back up wedding band in case my hubby ever loses his real one... again.

Pinterest inspiration. Pretty close huh?

Pinterest inspiration. Gorgeous right?!?

Close up of my ghetto-rigged ring.

gingham shirt- Peace Place $1. Sweater- swapped from Krystle. skinny jeans- wal-mart. boots- peace place. Cameo- my momma's jewelry box. Coat- Peace Place $75. *UPDATE* Matilda- I owe you a flower clip for guessing how much my coat cost. lol. email me your address!

I JUST had to include this picture of my baby boy! He is almost 20 months old... I usually have a whole 'nother baby by now. It is strange to have my oven off for awhile. I'm usually baking a bun or pre-heating!

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  1. Your son is so cute!

    I love that tweed overcoat! I have seen similar ones at Target and Zara and have been thinking about getting one. I am sure yours cost you all of 50 cents somewhere.
    Love both outfits, especially the top one!