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Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

So, it's almost 10 PM and I had every intention of linking of with Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday post.  I guess, technically, it IS still Monday!

I felt VERY visible in this outfit today.  I don't usually wear yellow and this yellow felt very, very bright. And then I go and pair it with this bright blue Lilly. And well, I don't think you could miss me walking down the street today!!  Is this outfit color blocking? Does the pattern in the skirt make it not qualify?

Yellow tee: JC Penny's, $4
Lilly Pulitzer wrap skirt: Thrifted, $12
Nude thong sandals: Goodwill, $5
Bottlecap necklace: ?, $6
I had no idea what shoes to wear with this outfit, though. So I settled on the nude thongs.  Buying those shoes may have been one of the best $5 investments ever.

Isn't the necklace too cute? I bought it from this cute little boutique in Lawrenceville, GA and I've totally forgotten the name of it! But they always have a booth at Dragon*Con and I will see them in 10 days!! YAY!!

Go check out Not Dead Yet Style's blog and link up with her next week. Just try to not be as tardy as I!!


  1. You made it, Joy, so great to see you! I love your bold colors, and I think you qualify for color blocking. And the nude sandals are so perfect with . . . Everything! Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

    Patti @NotDeadYet Style

  2. Joy! You look fabulous in this is so flattering on your need to do this more often.

  3. technically it is not color blocking because of the print in the skirt, but i think it look great together color block or not

  4. You look adorable. So light and fresh. Personally I don't think true color blocking is all it's cracked up to be.

  5. You look so cheerful in those colors! Love it, love the nude thongs. Very Duchess of Cambridge-ish.
    What are you wearing to Dragon*Con? Are you bringing the kids?

    Oh! And if you see Colin Ferguson, ask him if he'll marry me ;-)

  6. Matilda Joyce, I have dibs on Colin!! We have several costumes planned but waiting on a schedule to finalize them. And NO the kids are not going!! This is a totally adult weekend!!

    Thanks, y'all, for the nice comments!! And yeah, I'm not sure I really get or like color blocking!

  7. You look positively charming, Joy! I love the color combo -it's like sitting in the hot yellow sun while watching the cool blue ocean! Beautiful!