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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Seeing a Pattern Here

A year ago I wasn't much of a thrifter.  I was good at shopping sales and such, but
buying "used" clothes made me itch.
Don't get me wrong, I donated a lot, but buying them?
Hah, what a difference a year has made!! 
 I consider myself saving the earth by recycling clothing and purchasing others discarded treasures. 
I am helping other causes by buying from thrift stores that assist shelters
or give training and jobs to others.
Really there are no downsides to thrifting!  At all......well....maybe one or two things.

And here they are: 
Ahem....aren't these adorable shorts???
Ann Taylor Loft and they are pink and black and plaid.  It was love at first sight even before I saw
the $3.00 price tag.   But, something seemed familiar about this adorable find.
Rule #1:  When thrifting
Do NOT buy your own clothes back from thrift stores.
There was a reason you gave them away and now you paid $3 to get them back.
D U H!
(don't believe me?)
Here is the forensic evidence:

Look at my butt.  Yes, go ahead.  Its the black and pink plaid shorts!!!!
This picture is from a few years ago, about the time I gave these shorts away.
And... now... have them back.

Rule #2: 
You will NOT be welcomed back at Macy's if you KEEP yelling
"Look, New With Tags"!
They KNOW its new with tags....EVERYTHING in the store is.
I just forgot where I was for a moment.

So, keep on thrifting ladies!  The upside of thrifting still outweighs the awkward moments.

I am writing this as I look out the window watching the sun filtering through the trees.
Leaves sailing about on the wind and a hint of cool in the breeze.
Aaaaahhhh the end of the dog days of summer.
Fall is peeking around the corner. 

And nothing says the dog days of summer than this picture.
Kaja, Beau (dog) and Josh

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!


  1. LOL! I swear some thing I see at Goodwill are just the ones I donated, but I had not purchased my own things as of YET!!! Couple of years ago I donated my beloved black leather Nine West lace-up granny boots. I would pay triple if I saw them at a thrift store!
    It's kind of like finding a lost sheep??
    You're so funny. Great post.

  2. that is hi-larious that you bought your own shorts back

  3. Too funny!! Sometimes I see a piece I donated and I say to myself, oooh, now *that's* my style, before I recognize where it came from : >


  4. Maya, thanks! I am glad I'm not the only one who does this

  5. Brett, I don't know which is worse. That I did it or blogged about doing it. Lol

    Patti, I will be more careful next time. Haha

    Viktoria, :)

  6. haha. i love this. and i love these shorts. so happy i found your blog. i'm totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following. Thanks love. xoxo

    For all the latest fashion news from a southern girl making it as an LA stylist follow on facebook.

  7. LOL MAO !!!!!!
    So funny!
    I too have a similar pair and i was just considering getting them out and pairing em up for fall, and "They do still have the tags on!"
    Really :)

  8. Lise, that is about the funniest thing I've seen for a while! you are absolutely one of a kind!! :)

  9. This cracked me up! and it most definitely would be me, which is why I never get rid of anything!