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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's A Half Day!!

The kids are out for early release today (and yesterday) for Parent Teacher conferences. I'm a bad parent, I guess. I opted for no conference. But I keep up with my kids teachers via email all the time. I just didn't feel like I needed to go in.  And I get out of work early, too! Sadly, Lise has a funeral and her kids are going to come to my house for awhile. My kids will be THRILLED!! It will be a fun, if not loud, afternoon!!

For all you doing the pink challenge, how is it going? It's getting harder and harder to work that pink in, isn't it? I'm going to need it to cool off some so I can wear a few other pieces.

And we're still collecting, y'all. Please bring us by some items for our local cancer centers!!
Close up just to show my cute owl pendant!

Tuesday's Pink
Pic By Blake


  1. Nice black dress! And no, that doesn't make you a bad parent for not wanting to go in person -- email probably works just as well, and it's one less meeting for a teacher who probably wants to go home too :)

    Hope everything's going alright with Lise. Have fun with the kids!

  2. Thanks! That black dress was a Macy's clearance find at $15!! Woo!!

  3. You look fantastic in this dress, I love the pink peeking through. It really is getting harder to work with all the pink!

    I agree with JoAnn, it doesn't make you a bad parent at all. It makes you a GREAT parent that you keep up enough with their teachers so that you don't have to go in for conferences!