The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, October 15, 2010

Catwalk worthy Couture (that won't take 9 lives to pay for)

This morning we were running late and after getting the hairdresser out the door, signing 27 papers that go back to school, driving 4 kids to 3 schools, I got to chase the standard poodle around the neighborhood in what was a really fun game for ONE of us. Whew. (Was the cat and other dog not enough? Didn't I hear 5 people promise they would help with the pets? hmmm..)

Back to me. I remember it is Friday so we can wear jeans to work. Yay. I grab my *new* shoes that are the most gorgeous shoes I have ever, ever (ever) seen in my entire life!! They speak for themselves, and make quite a statement. So, I paired them with a simple white shirt and fabumor (more than just plain fabulous) chunky necklace. I feel like I could strut the catwalk in this ensemble! Not to worry, this does not come with the usual designer price tag.
Out the door and off to work feeling g-o-o-d! Wait....did I forget something?
I can always put make-up on when I get to work. I have a 5 and 15 minute routine. This morning was more like 2 seconds. Who cares, know one is looking. *click*
"JOY!!!! Did you just take my picture???? omg."

Jeans=Gap (These are my favorite and they are long enough!!!-thank you GAP)

Shirt=Anne Fontaine (look, the belt is part of the shirt and it has a perfect collar and cuffs and the sleeves are long enough) St. Marys Thrift Store (benefits hospice care)
Necklace=Ann Taylor Loft (bought with $25 off a $50 purchase card)
Sunglasses=Tifosi (they are black, silver and pink). Style name? Lust. Any more questions?

And in the spirit of saving the best for last.....


Couture-Donald J Pliner
(Made in the mountains of Italy, sold in Beverly Hills for hundreds of $$, found by me at a yard sale) I feel like a princess!!! Happy feet!

This was just a funny blooper pic. We're usually making each other laugh like this!

In this picture is Lise Marie:
a. Just getting news that they are going camping this weekend?
b. Practicing for Halloween?
c. Getting ready for "Stakes" on the grill?
d. All of the above?


  1. Ummmm.. I vote a. Just because I'm not getting to go and it would be oh so much more fun with me!

  2. Love the Tifosi sunglasses! I would never be without mine, and I have about twenty different kinds! You can't have too many sunglasses!

  3. Lise , you are such a stylish southern charmer!!!LOL!!
    Love ya,