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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Long & Short of It

Lets discuss hair, shall we? This first picture was taken recently. (I am holding a new addition to my addiction of monogramming everything, except my children). And there is an amazing online place! The lady from this site (Wendi) is so FABulous...A N D....sometimes if I come up with an idea that I don't see, I email her and she always comes up with a way to do it!!!! LOVE her! Go buy something.
Oh, and the outfit? It is ALL from PS Too*!!! The sequined top is amazing, the turquoise shrug, and my....wait for it....GUCCI jeans! I was in love with my outfit. The hair? Not so much.
I have always had really short hair. I wash it, fluff it, and go! But I thought that I should try something new and grow it out. I do this from time to time and it never works. I also can't get an appointment with my hair stylist. This is funny because I am married to the man! rrrggghhh! So, I decided to grow it out. This is a horrible process that will drive you to wear a wig. Plus, I am used to my hair being super thick and lately it has thinned out! What is up with THAT??? This weekend I almost stuck a #8 on the clippers and take it back short myself (why yes, I have done that before).
Yesterday "The Hairdresser" took the day off. He said I should also, because I do way too much for too many people and I deserved a day of pampering! (OhHeckYeaaaaah I took the day off). Then he did some laundry, vacuumed and announced that it was time for a haircut. (Yay!) Grant sat me down and said that my hair was looking like June Cleavers! (Beavers mom? Really? ouch). He said my "flippies" were cute for about a week, but it was looking like a funky mullet. Because of the radically thinning hair, he opted not to go super short, but I love the new soft look. It is more oval and softens up my more angular features. (seriously, I have a pointed chin, name it). But wait! There is more. He then helped me load up 5 boxes of clothes and drop them off at Project Safe. Then on to Lowes to buy flowers for my garden and THEN he dropped me off at the nail salon for a pedicure while HE picked up the kids from school!!! In the evening I planted my flowers while he grilled steaks, mashed potatoes and made a delicious meal.
I admit that I feel like a whole new (and refreshed) woman! Princess even! I hope this guy comes back again sometime. LOL
This is me today with my new hairstyle! Very soft, but not too feminine.
The outfit?
The way cool tights came from a boutique clearance $3
Handbag-JG Hook (from PS Too-new with tags)
Belt-Hush Puppies (from PS Too-new with tags)
Sweater-Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace-Coldwater Creek
*Remember that the PS Too thrift store benefits Project Safe


  1. I love that last pic of you! You belong in a magazine!! And I love the new hair, too. Now if I could just get MY hairstylist-**coughLisecough**-to do something with my hair!

  2. *smooth*
    How about a haircut this weekend? (I am not doing your laundry). LOL

  3. Aw, thanks! :) You are too sweet!

    And one of these days, I have got to get to PS2!! I can't believe you find so much there!