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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Save the Ta-Tas!!

I am liking this dress! It pushes me up in all the right places!! And now that I have your attention, we're gonna talk about something very important today, self breast exams.

All women over 20 should do monthly self breast exams. This is so very important. These self exams can usually find cancer before a mammogram will! It should usually be done about 7 days after you start your period. If you feel a lump or anything unusual, you should consult your doctor. BUT don't freak out! 9 out of 10 women will not develop breast cancer. Usually, these aren't lumps that come and go. They stick around and feel kinda like a pea. If you have any pain in your breasts, you should get it checked out. Also, if you see any blood or you have a change in the contour or shape or dimpling of the skin, you should definitely be checked out. But always, if you are worried, do not hesitate to go get checked. No one is going to think you are stupid or crazy. It's better to be safe than sorry!! And early prevention is THE key to survival. Talk to your daughters about doing monthly breast exams. Talk to your moms, your sisters, your aunts and your best friend. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. We want to save ALL the ta-tas!!

Follow this link to see how exactly a good breast exam should be done.   And you can sign up for emails to be reminded to do your breast exam here.  OR you can sign up for a text message here.

And now that I know that you will all be doing your monthly exams, I am jumping for joy!! YAY!!

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  1. This is a GREAT post and a fantastic reminder.

    Not to mention that dress does look awesome on you, from what little bit I can see! :)