The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, this morning got off to an interesting start. My chihuahua, Jake, decided that he needed to go out at 4AM. Nice, right? There was a beagle in our yard, that I didn't see until Jake was off the porch. I'm yelling at the beagle to leave and the dog to stay!! And my husband hears me yelling but not why and comes busting out, IN HIS UNDERWEAR, brandishing a gun. That was quite a sight at 4AM! Glad no one else saw it! I asked him, do you have a gun?! And he says, Yes. I didn't have time to get the sword!! So, the picture could have been even worse. I really hope my neighbors slept thru that!

So, Mel over at A Working Mom's Closet is hosting a fashion challenge for October. Every day in October we are going to wear pink somewhere in our outfit. You can see a complete list of bloggers participating here. Go see what everyone is wearing! It's turning out to be harder than I imagined!! BUT I AM doing it. I wore pink all weekend and again today!! So far. So good! (And I just realized, I do not have a picture of me in my outfit Saturday. But trust me, I wore pink!!)

At McDonald's Sunday...

...with SOME of our kids. Chaos follows us.

We then took all these kids shopping. Yeah. But we did manage to find some good, clearance finds at Kohls, especially in the jewerly section! I got several pairs of earrings and some pearl bracelets.

Don't forget that we are collecting items for the local cancer centers. We've received a few things already but we really need lots more!! And we have gift bags for you if you bring something by here!!

Gift Bags!!

Skirt : $5 at St.Mary's Thrift Store!!
Shirt: $6 Kohl's


  1. I love our gift bags! The sunglasses are so fun! And the candy, and the makeup and the....

  2. Love that you're wearing pink! Yay for a thrifted skirt! :)

  3. My pink cardi is so washed out in the pic! I swear it's pink, though!!

  4. That's quite a story! I'm sure you're all laughing about it now though. :)

    Yay pink!!!