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Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Campers!

Lately I have been trying out every brand of makeup in order to bring you "The best of the best" in makeup. The funny thing about today is Joy loved my look and I have gotten lots of compliments...and....its Neutrogena-nourishing eye quad. It wears well and the colors are quite true and lasting. I haven't worn drugstore makeup in a long time, but this was a pleasant surprise!

The outfit: Ruffled shirt and pants from Ann Taylor Loft
Fabulous purse that has sequins on it....PS Too! WooHoo!
Oh, and the red shoes are from Ann Taylor Loft. And I am really hungry and waiting for someone to bring me country ham. I am addicted to it. Seriously. Joy snapped this picture as my tummy is growling and I was needing me some ham. Luckily we have sweet customers who love to bring us breakfast!

OK....on my last post I put out a teaser about my weekend. None of you thought I would be camping. Well, read on people....
This weekend we went camping. We always go to the same place. Always. Its a rule. A law. A pagan ritual....something. We own a spot of the KOA Kampground in Cherokee, NC. The hairdresser works from 8am-9pm almost every day. He does up to 5 women at a time and has assistants. So he has to get away from the salon and fame and the phone and.......

Camping? Hey, I am happy and can make friends anywhere and everywhere.
We make s'mores

This is Donald and John. That is not really Donald's hair even though he said it was. I have proof. See the black visor and brown curly locks on top?

Yeah, now its on me! Hahahahah. I stole Donald's hair. Who is Donald? Uhmmmm...did you not read the part where I said I make friends with everyone? We make friends here at the Kampground.

We get together by a fire and chat, and do potluck dinners and soon it is like a family reunion.

I wish you could see the butterfly on my pants. Soooo cute! The pants are Abercrombie & Fitch. They are thrifted from PS TOO! Love that place and now I still look cute even camping.
OK Happy Kampers (that's how you spell everything at the KOA) Have a great day!

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  1. CUUUTE purse!! And your makeup does look great today!!

    I can't wait for Halloween and we'll be up at the KOA with y'all!!