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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011, Saturday and Sunday

We are home. And I am so very tired and have sooo much laundry. It's a good thing I'm off work Monday!!

We had a BLAST! 

Saturday, we went to Dragon*Con in costume as Clark Kent and (new) Wonder Woman. The thing about Dragon*Con is that you almost feel out of place if you're NOT in costume.  The first year we went, I said I was NOT going to wear a costume.  20 minutes there and I was all, I WANT A COSTUME!! People are so creative. Just when you think you can't see a better costume than the last one, you do! It's just so awesome.  I don't even have pictures of a quarter of them, heck, a TENTH of them! (By the way, if you don't have an Eye-Fi memory card, you are missing out! The Eye-Fi card automatically transfers pics to your computer and/or a photo site when you turn on your computer! Just walk in the room, turn on the camera and the computer and it goes to work! It's AWESOME! Check it out!)

So here we are:

Ben looks really good! I liked the small touch of the Superman ring.  I've been posing everyday for a year but couldn't figure out a Wonder Woman pose!!

As usual, the Steampunk is my favorite part of Dragon*Con. They just completely commit and are so talented and creative.  Here's a few examples:

We didn't dress up today. We went to a couple of panels and then headed home.  It was a fabulously wonderful weekend, that just flew by.  Plans are already being made for next year.  I leave you with this picture from the Eureka panel this morning.  Wil Wheaton said that he was disappointed in his first Dragon*Con because no one had asked him to sign their boobs.  So, Colin Ferguson jumps up, pulls his shirt up and gets Wil to sign his boob!! And yeah, I didn't get a picture from the actual moment cause I wasn't quick enough, but I did get this one:


  1. I want to go to something like this!! I'm a HUGE sci fi fan and think I'd be right in my element there! LOVE your Wonder Woman costume!! I want those bracelets!! Invisible airplane hugs! ~Serene

  2. costume party looks like a lot of fun. I can see why you'd feel out of place not wearing one. You both look really cute.

  3. I still can't figure out what steampunk is. you guys look great!