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Monday, September 19, 2011

From Blah to OohLala!

I am at the salon explaining to someone that I am trying to grow my hair out.
The hairdresser (aka-spouse) looks at me and asks why.
Well, its simple.   The longer the hair the more wrinkles it covers. 
I figure in a couple more years it will be long enough to wrap around my wrinkly,
 neck and my bangs will cover the forehead and crows feet.  Good plan....right?

Hairdresser looks at me like I have lost my mind.  He and his brother (also a hairdresser) shake their heads and explain that actually my hair was overwhelming my small features and dragging them down.
It was actually aging me!!!!  Yikes!

Do Something!
The big, full thick hair is also slightly aging.

A few moments and one haircut later......

No hiding the crows feet now, but I do feel  spunkier!

I love my new look!!!

This is my FAVORITE dress of all time!
The Red Dress Boutique 
The are located in downtown Athens, GA
but have a great online site for those outside the area!

My daughter Kaja was with me, and what was SHE doing while I was getting my haircut?
Posing her American Girl Dolls in the reception area and taking pictures!
I love Kaja!!!

Where did I find this most amazing dress?
Right here in Athens, Ga.  But luckily for you they have a website.
Go check it out and fall in love!
The Red Dress Boutique

Bracelets also from The Red Dress Boutique!

Shoes ATL

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Hope you enjoyed seeing what a difference cutting to
your bone structure makes!  I am feeling sassssy!

Today you can check me out on another blog as well
Not Dead Yet Style
She is fabulouse (and I want her dress)


  1. Wow, that is a terrific hairstyle and you look *beautiful*. It shows off your great bone structure and lovely eyes. I had to lol at your plan for how you would cover your (future) wrinkles with your long hair : > That is my plan. You should come over and post your new look on Visible Monday, if you have a chance!

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  2. You look amazing, Lise!! I thinnk this haircut is younger, powerful, stylish, and makes you look your hairdresser!! I know you do...Ha Ha!

  3. You look great, as always!! And where was I when you went to this new store? Hmmmm??!!!

  4. look at you all sexy and sassy with your new do!!!
    love that daughter was playing photographer with her dolls!!

  5. hi there found you via not dead yet style, visible monday, my god girl you look good no need to cover anything! that dress is superb, keep doing what you do you look fab!


  6. I know exactly what you mean! I just found wrinkles today in a new place - over my eyebrows! What is up with that????
    If you lived near me, you would totally be my hairdresser. Your hair always looks fabulous! I love how sculptural your new cut is.

    Sometimes, people like to smile in their pictures. You look so serious in all of them!

    Love Kaja's pictures, they are really cute! What a fun idea.

  7. Patti-Love how you do Mondays!

    Pam- I better be able to trust him, right?? lol

    Brett-Thank You!!

  8. Ariane-Please accept this big Southern Welcome to our blog!!!

    Joyce- Good point about the smiles. Some people never smile in their blogs on purpose.
    Me? I didn't think about it until you mentioned it. It is kind of funny because I am usually cracking up!!! LOL My next smile will go out just for you!

  9. The style is beautiful and so is that rocking dress.
    Go you little Georgia Lady!

  10. Love the details at the bottom of that dress!

  11. Your hairstyle looks awesome. I love long hair, however I think your cut is cool. Your dress is really pretty and your jewerly really accentuates the dress.

  12. Love your new hair. I've always heard that shorter hair makes us look younger.

    My lil daughter just got a cut, but it made her look so grown up. I guess it's the opposite for kids???

    In any case you look FAB! Love the dress and the shoes.

  13. I love the hankerchief hemline on this all white dress. It's so etherial. and the new do' is adorable on you. Ps. What wrinkles? You look fabulous!