The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday....

Actually, more like a manic weekend!! I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest! There has been no rest here today, or yesterday, for that matter!
Hair that seriously needs cutting and thinning!
Jeans: Gap
Black Tee: Kohl's
Striped Scarf: No idea
Plaid Espadrilles: Payless
Yesterday, I spent the morning cleaning house, catching up on washing and trying to figure out where and when I was supposed to pick up the girl child. Is it too much to ask that she actually ANSWER the phone that she just HAD to have?! I also got a much needed haircut.  Lise couldn't cut my hair this time so I went to see my previous hairdresser (and Ben's cousin) Terry Jordan at Head Games. (Seriously, local peeps, check him and the salon out. They are all great!) Though I missed Lise, I had a great time with Terry. He's hysterical and has some great old stories! Thanks, Terry!

Then it was off to get Leah, pick up Jake's meds and get some groceries! I was so busy, I forgot about the Georgia game! Well, at least I wore my colors to work, on Friday.  How many of you wear your colors to work on Friday before game day? Or is that just the SEC?

So, Sunday here's what I really wanted to be doing:
Instead, I got breakfast, cleaned out the dishwasher, loaded it again, did more laundry, went to the library, Rite Aid, ironed all my clothes for the week and made dinner.  I need a day off!! LOL  And I feel like the Zombie Einstein on my shirt. Which is pretty cool, huh? Maybe you need to be geeky to think it's cool? (TeeFury. Check it out. The shirts are for sale for one day only, so you have to check it out everyday.)

Energy=more caffeine squared!!
I'm linking up at Not Dead Yet Style:Visible Monday, cause this Zombie Einstein is definitely visible! LOL I got a ton of comments on it, good and bad.

Have a great week, Y'all!!


  1. Joy, you are getting TINY, woman! How are you losing so fast? I'm jealous! And I *love* that top outfit. LOVE IT!

  2. Ha, I love your translation of E=mc2!

  3. I love that tee shirt, Joy. Did you get it at DragonCon? You are looking very svelte, and I like your team-inspired outfit. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  4. Patti, it came from I bought it for Blake but he wouldn't wear it!

  5. Joy you look skinny and are you doing this?? I love the top look for a weekend...perfect!!

  6. I'm coveting your Zombie Einstein shirt! And I share your interpretation of the Theory of Relativity. Great scarf too!

  7. I LOVE Zombie Einstein! Guess I'm a geek, too. Is that scarf an example of game colors? If so, WELL DONE! I must confess that I've always had a distaste for team colors. They're always so unflattering! (Maybe I've just had too many traumatic experiences with Syracuse fans). But you are the exception to the rule!

  8. I think Southerners are very serious about football. At least that is what I remember from living there when I was young. I have to say that zombie Einstein is the only one I have ever seen.

  9. This may be a rude question so sorry ahead of time: Have you lost weight? You are lookin HOT in those jeans!!!
    I am jealous...
    PS, I couldn't pass up those shoes! Brand new,too!
    Now I know where Forever 21 stuff goes when it is "unavaliable" and also Mossimo stuff! and H&M! I am seriously enamoured with this store!
    Do u have a Gabrielle Brother's?
    Go there asap! Bring about 100 buck,though!

  10. I have lost weight, Reva. Trying to lose about 10 more lbs and be at my prepregnancy weight. It's only taken me 12 years to get that baby weight off! LOL

    I wish we had that store here!!Jealous!

  11. I took one look at your outfit and said, "I know who she roots for!" Not that I ever thought you were something other than a UGA fan ;)

  12. I am glad Reva said something because I wanted to ask the same thing- you look even more svelte than ever!

    Was just thinking about you today- I realize I never mailed you your prize from a year ago. So sorry! I'll work on that.

  13. Those jeans look great on you! ps I love football too!

  14. you are becoming a skinny minnie missy!!
    love the stripe scarf with the black t
    oh lord don't even get started on dressing colors
    after spending two weekends in Louisiana this month i forgot how obsessed LSU fans are!

  15. I must need to lose my 'ice-cream' weight!