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Friday, July 8, 2011

Beware The Acorn People!

It is soooo nice to be back from the campground and have Internet access.  But, first a word about the title of today's post.  I was walking around the campground and this sign jumps out at me. 
Do I understand it? 
Well....sort of. 
I get that it is telling people to slow down because there are children playing. 
But is that what it's really saying?  Not to me.
Are the kids slow?  Is that even a kid in the picture?
Is his mind slow?  And WHY the heck is he/she wearing an acorn on his head?
Are we only to slow down because we have been attacked by the "Acorn People"?
And is it me or do the Acorn People wear knee-socks?
Wait, I think they are running around in loafers.  Is that why we should slow-down?  Everyone knows this kid should be wearing better shoes for playing!!!!

Is that a laser around his waist?  A belt?  W H A T???

 Fine. I'm getting over it.  Back to the reason I was at the Cherokee, NC, KOA.
I offered, as a wedding gift, to do the a bride and her mothers hair for her wedding at this campground.  We had met this family here, so it seemed a good idea.  
Easy, right?  She also brought 8 bridesmaids.  Do I look panicked?
I am.   The Hairdresser is......speechless as well.  But when it comes to hair we are the
perfect pair!  Enjoy the pictures.  And remember, this was all done at a CAMPER.
(because the wedding was outdoors, we did the hair outside so the hair would be conditioned to the temperatures.)

Hairdresser hard at work.  Nice hat.

Hold still, we will be right   I love this picture!

Me hard at work on a bridesmaid.  Cute shirt, huh.
Its a JCrew (new with tags) that I thrifted for $4!  The bow feels like velvet....I feel....not so smooth.

I hate tooting my own horn, but Hairdresser and I are good at doing hair y'all!!!!

Hairdresser at work on the Bride.

I did Brides make-up also and told her it could withstand the 100degree heat.  It did.  Yeah baby!

The girls all looked beautiful!  This was right outside by the pavilion!

Here comes the bride!

Another updo picture.  Hairdresser and I met while doing hair shows and we still love doing this!

So, I also want to give a shout-out to my amazing children.  During the morning, the bride came up and was so upset and I asked what was wrong and she started bawling.  Apparently the guys who came up to do all the decorating had gone fishing instead and the reception area and wedding area were bare.  I tell my kids the situation and that I have a crying bride.  It didn't take 2 seconds and all four (plus a friend) of the kids to take off and spend the next 5 hours putting up all the decorations, setting up tables...etc!  It was an Oriental Trading paradise!!!! LOL
I love my kids. anyone still reading?  For the weekend I will post some great outfit pictures.  Guess what color I am wearing.....I will give you a hint.......(red).  


  1. Most interesting. You really got into something didn't you? I think having a wedding like that would have been a lot easier at a home or a church but this way was probably more memorable.

  2. Acorn People! Hilarious! You did a fantastic job on everyone's hair. I wish I was talented enough to do updos like that.

    We went camping over the 4th of July also, but I don't think any of my outfits were cute. And I didn't wear a lick of red!

  3. Aww what a sweet wedding! I love weddings where the whole family + friends chip in. It's more special and more memorable in my opinion! Great hair!!

  4. I always wondered who came up with that sign and that picture...looks like an escapee from the land of mis-fit people.
    What a cool wedding story.
    You are a treasure to do this!

  5. Okay that thing about the slow children crossing was hysterical. Why IS there an acorn on his head?! Now I need to know.

    You really did a fabulous job with the hair! And you should be awfully proud of your kids, that's amazing of them to decorate. Incredible.

    The bridesmaids look beautiful in their watermelon colors! What a fun color scheme for an outdoor summer wedding!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. Your bridal party looked incredible and I am sure they were pumped to have such a beautiful and stylish stylist! I have been held hostage by ACORN PEOPLE for many years...maybe someday I will break free!!

  7. Lisa--sounds like you saved the day in multiple ways and took it all in stride. Perhaps the slow children sign came from Austria...

  8. You did a great job!! I love Grant's hat!! I have a straw one pretty much just like it!

    So glad you're home!!

  9. Judy-A church would have been cooler, but I found out that the couple met here at the campground so that is fun. right?

    SJ-How fun that you are a camper as well!!! Yay!
    I hope you had fun also.

  10. Viktoria-You are right that when everyone chips in, its really fun and great memories for everyone. Thanks

    Brett-LOL I know, what is with this sign?

    Melissa-I did think that the watermelon scheme was really I liked the for the campground wedding also.

  11. Pam-I love your comment! And thanks.

    Terri-LOLOLOLOL! Darn! I wish I had thought of the whole Austria thing. You rock.

    Joy-It is good to be back. Do I have to do a post on lice? :(