The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hooray For Red, White and Blue!!!

You thought I was joking about my new obsession with RED?
The best thing happened when I went to church though.
(Yes Leah, I am telling on you)
I wore this fabulous red lined, linen, Ann Taylor skirt that Joy found and gave to me.  I paired it with a great thrifted Ann Taylor (new with tags) $3 shirt, and then topped it with a royal blue cardi!  WOW!
Yeah, too bad I had like no accessories.  But I bravely walk into church and Leah throws (yes, throws)
this thing at me from 1/2 way across the room and says
"I knew you needed this since you are so handicapped when it comes to red."
LOLOL....wait....she was right. 
And the amazing thing?  SHE MADE this pin.
I love Leah.
 See how much better this outfit is with the pin?
This was taken when we got home from church.
 close-up of amazing pin, by Leah.
 close-up of my new favorite earrings.  They are are silver and have a seashell on it.  <3!
 Funny story about these shoes.  I had the perfect pair of neutral pumps that were perfect for
the red skirt.  Sunday morning as I was getting dressed my dog, formerly known as
"good boy"....chewed one of them up.  To pull off the bright sweater I wanted a more neutral shoe.
So back to the closest for these.  Coldwater Creek (5 years ago).  I think they work though.
The pin doubling as a floral decoration when I took it off!

I am writing this from the KOA.  And if you Google the Cherokee, NC one, you will see where I am.
What do I wear to go camping for the 4th of July?

 Red ATL shirt-thrifted for me by Leah!
(my red wardrobe is soooo expanding)
Happy Fourth of July!!!  Yay for Independence Day!
I had better hit send now because the only bad thing about this campground is that it is hard (impossible)
to get WiFi.  I have it for this moment so I better get this off quickly before it disappears!


  1. Happy 4th to both of you!! Love the complete look and I think the beautiful pin just makes the outfit! You will be happy to know that supposedly the dominate color for this fall is bring it are in!

  2. I knew that skirt would be perfect on you!! YAY! What would you do without Leah and I to buy you red things?! LOL

  3. You look fab in that 4th outfit! How nice of Leah and Joy to help you with your new red obsession!

  4. Whoa, you look way better camping than I ever do. This is a beautiful, beautiful red skirt outfit--I like it with and without the rose. Often wish that I had a friend like Joy...who knew what I needed before I did.

  5. What a beautiful outfit. And the pin and the shoes, all worked together.

  6. i am cracking up at your red obsession
    i am still very weary about it and have to pick the exact shade which apparently only j.crew manufactures. lol

  7. What a great Independence day look! Love that flower pin. It really completes the outfit.