The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Monday, July 11, 2011

Skirting the Issue

I know what my shirt says, but please love me!
It is Oh My Gosh HOT!!! And humid.  I used to not be much for skirts or dresses. I blame it on 5 years of Christian school and being made to wear them everyday. Not wearing them was my little rebellion.  But in the last couple of years, I've realized that skirts are MUCH cooler than capris or shorts, in the summer. AND they can be cuter and more work appropriate than shorts.

 Blake was instructing me how & where to pose today. In the sun or out of the sun.

This cute floral tee was a $2 Target clearance find. I had no idea what I was going to wear it with when I bought it, but for $2, I would find something.  And it goes great with this navy skirt from Kohl's.  And my navy Payless espadrilles.  I couldn't decide what jewelry to wear, so I went fumbling thru all my jewelry. The beloved dragonfly earrings were a no brainer. But I needed something else. And I found the PERFECT piece to complement the outfit.  The cuff bracelet I won from Brett's blog!!

See? It has all the colors and the style goes with the outfit, too!! Thanks, Brett, for completing my outfit today!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 100 BEFORE the heat index! UGH!! Good thing I have another skirt outfit planned!!


  1. Thank God!
    Another T lover, too!
    ( I think the site was Milly?)
    It was about her having her period a week early, then hilarity ensued!

  2. PS, today the heat index was about the same ( like walking into an oven and drowning in the fumes )

    These were taken yesterday. it was awful and I had to wipe sweat every few minutes........
    After I took the pictures, I had to go inside, flop in front of the AC and peel off my outfit and get a cool bath!
    Shhhh..........Our secret ;)

    I took the advise of another blogger, who takes her photos all in one day, but I only could do 2 as the heat and I don't mesh (unless on the beach), so pretend this was an 'indoor' summer outfit :)

  3. Oh, No Model Lady!! That's Lise's niece!!! She's hysterical!!

    And your secret is safe with me!!

  4. I love love love skirts like that - I own them for summer and winter. I only have one pair of shorts, that I wear for working outside and other dirty work.
    That bracelet really is so cute.

  5. This is super cute, Joy. I confess, I've never worn a skirt to work. Even my "skirts" at radio events were actually skorts lol. I'm just not comfortable in them. I love yours, though!

  6. Thanks, y'all!!

    Matilda Joyce, I have TONS and TONS of shorts. I love shorts!! But a lot of them are not fit for work!

    Missy, give skirts another whirl!! I bet I could convert you!!

  7. You look wonderful in skirts. It helps to have a good figure. And I love the shoes.

  8. i adore tha skirt and i forgot about that cute little bracelet!
    glad you found a chanced to wear it
    it is supposed to hit 100 here today and us with no a/c.

  9. Oh, the tee shirt is wonderful. I swear by skirts in the summer too.

  10. The cuff bracelet goes great! isn't this heat horrible? it is making me just want to cry.