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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Penny For Your Thoughts......

What was I so lost in thought over?   Well, we had done some travelling and I had great pictures.
I went to upload them (or download?) onto Picasa which I was trying out and ZIP!  I don't know which mistake button that I hit but all the photos were G O N E!  The disk from the camera was wiped-out!!!
I just wanted to cry!!!  Is there any way to retrieve this kind of thing???

OK, back to the blog.

My makeup today is new and one I figured I should try.   I prefer a pricier color, but this is all from E.L.F!!! 
The eye shadow was $5 for like 12 colors and they lasted all day!   The lip gloss was $5 for 5, and the colors were beautiful and it wore well.  Not sticky or gummy at all.  And they smell yummy!  Joy swears by the mineral eyeshadow.  And most of the items are only $1!!!!  I don't usually wear foundation, and the blush is Cover Girl "Cheekers" in Brick Rose.   It is a great summer neutral for warm or neutral skin-tones.  The total price for all the makeup for this look was under $20!!!  W O W.

It is super hot and I have actually worn red almost every day this month.  But, I thought I would show how a warm brown could actually be very cool to wear right now.  And orange and coral are great as well.  This look would also look gorgeous with turquoise!!!

The outfit is from my thrifting adventure last week with Joy!
It looks like a dress, but is actually a blouse and skirt which gives me a lot of versatility with the pieces.
Both are ATL

Amber & Sterling earrings from Denmark:  Gift from Mom and Dad!

Necklace from fabulous consignment store in Jefferson, GA

And the scarf....

Shoes: Thrifted and recycled.

snakeskin bracelet-thrifted

close-up of detailing.

So......before the disk was wiped, I somehow had this one picture saved.  It is me and my two youngest who had
completely covered themselves with mud by the river.  I am pretending to be afraid since they announced they looked like
a new-found species of "Root People".  LOLOL    But truly I was a little jealous.  Seriously, who doesn't like to play in mud by a river!!!!


  1. Love amber -- you don't see it all that often. But I love it. A snakeskin bracelet ... wow ... I can't believe it wasn't a dress. Are you sure that your pictures aren't in a file somewhere, and it just erased the disk after you were done copying them? Hope you find them!

  2. When you get sad about the pictures...look in the mirror and think of how incredible you look!! I love the shoes!
    Remember that Tuesday August 2 is post your Accessory Swap item day...I will have your link on my site! These pictures of you are so pretty as always...

  3. I love ELF makeup too! Your jewelry is gorgeous. Sadly, because I am a no-darn-good blogger-friend, your accessory swap package is only in the mail today -- so sorry! The days got away from me.

    Your apologetic friend,


  4. Beautiful accessories in this look. I am pondering the pictures problem. I'm wondering if you open Picasa, if you will find a file folder with the date that you downloaded the pictures. The pictures went somewhere on your computer...just need to figure out WHERE.

  5. so sorry about the pics!!!
    hope they turn up somewhere in cyber space
    E.L.F. is the bomb for the $1 and $3 prices
    i love the lip glosses and the shadows aren't so bad once you get the right balance on your brush.

  6. Where did ELF come from? How come I wasn't already aware of it? I cannot believe the brush prices compared to the other mineral foundation store, where they are 5 - 6 times more expensive. Yowza! Do you buy the products online or in a store? I am excited to see they have my favorite kind of eyebrow shaper, the kind that is like a mascara. S*phora's version is considerably more expensive and doesn't make your eyebrows grow.

    I love each individual piece of your outfit and together it looks fabulous, dahling!

    Do you use ATL interchangeably for Atlanta and Ann Taylor Loft?

    Boy, I'm Chatty Kathy today!

  7. She uses ATL for Ann Taylor. I use it for Atlanta, though!

    You can get some ELF stuff at Target. And you can get the brushes, some of them at The Dollar General!

  8. I know this is a bit late, but sometimes you can recover your photos using this:

    I accidentally deleted mine from my SD card and was able to recover them. Best of luck!