The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sparkling Personality

So, yeah, I am so not Audrey Hepburn in any way, shape or form. But something about my pictures today made me think about these Breakfast at Tiffany's pictures of her. I think it's the chunky, sparkly necklace.

My outfit Friday was pretty much built around my sequin Converse shoes.

My feet have been cold at work and I wanted to wear closed toed shoes but I wanted to be sparkly and shiny, too.  Lise showed how to dress these shoes down a bit with her Sk8ter Mom look.  I decided to make them work appropriate.

So I paired them with a black tank, trimmed in satin and black/white pin stripe shorts.

Tank: Ann Taylor Loft
Shorts: Banana Republic
Converse: Kohl's ($11 clearance!!)
Necklace/earrings: Ann Taylor Loft
Sunnies: Tifosi
And then I decided I needed a little more BLING. So I added this chunky, very sparkly necklace and matching earrings.  Now one thing about this necklace. If I had to be outside for any length of time, I couldn't have worn it. It's pretty hot and humid here and a heavy, metal necklace and humidity do not go well together!

I think it ended up being a pretty good outfit to wear to work on a Friday. 

And no post about anything shiny would be complete without Captain Tightpants himself:

Have a great weekend, Y'all!!


  1. What a fun, summer look! I like the understated color scheme!!

  2. Oooooooo....I love those shoes! My daughter and I saw similar yesterday and they just give casual a little bit of flair! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  3. Obviously I love the shoes....but the necklace is amazing!!! Can I borrow it? LOL No seriously, I want to borrow it.

  4. OMG, I saw your beautiful face while checking out a new, funny blog!
    Hello my beautiful lady!
    So good to see you!

  5. you know i am a huge fan of this look
    dress it up and then dress it down!!
    hey I want that t-shirt!!!!

  6. Now I see your sparkly converses! Very cute outfit. I was so sad when Patrick Swayze passed away.