The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roses Are.......

Roses are red
 now so is my hair
it started with clothes,
but didn't stop there!

The picture isn't great, but the red high-lites ARE!
I felt as fab as cotton candy!!!

If you are just tuning in...I NEVER....ever...wore red.  Then some lovlies brought me some red things and
I seem to be rather addicted.  I will get over it....someday.

So what was the inspiration for this departure from my usual Blonde?
Hairdresser had been reading the blog and so in the midst of the sea of blonde
he threw in some super red low-lites.   I was thrilled.

The skirt that started the hair. 
 It is from "Josephine" and was thrifted.
I love the necklace also.  It gives a bit of fun to the look.  The belt came with the skirt, but
I wore it over the t-shirt.   With the temps here around 100 degrees, I love skirts for a cooler feel.

See?  The skirt really is red and white.  Now, my hair is also.

Hairdresser "foiling" around on me.  LOL   I crack myself up.

After using color to cover gray roots, foils are added for low-lites.
Then Hairdresser does a technique called "Boliage" where he free hands streaks for blonder lights.

A birds-eye view.   A bird really didn't take this picture by the way.

Ta-Da!  The cut is swingy and easy.  The color is fun and a great change.
Well done Hairdresser!  I approve.   And that is saying a lot because I also did hair for years before getting married to
Hairdresser and having four kids.   If any of you have any questions, please ask and I would love to answer them all.
If you have a picture, that is even better!

Thinking of a change?  Worried about it?  Try some hi-lites or low-lites.  Instead of a higher maintenance allover color, this is much easier to maintain and easier to grow out.
Hope you are all having a fabulous week!


  1. You look stunning!!! I love the red!!!

    I never know what to do with my hair. I'm bored with it, but I also feel like I have too many stipulations to change it much (I like the bangs, it needs to be long enough for a ponytail, can't be too short because I don't have time to style it and blowdrying it doesn't form the ends to curl under the way I want, can't do color because I can't afford the upkeep, etc, etc, etc.). I'm such a pain, I know.

  2. Love your new do! And yah for red! It's such a great power color and confidence booster!

  3. You look so cute HAIR TO TOE!! How much fun to live with a husband is a CPA so when he does my taxes..there is just no excitment there!! Cute look and I love the skirt!

  4. It looks great!! Do you realize that we haven't even seen each other in 2 weeks!! OMG! And btw, I have to get a haircut when I get home!! I wore a headband in public today, Lise!!!

  5. JOY!!! OMG..A headband? Scary. You must come and get a cut. 2 weeks is way to long. Bad things happen when we don't see each other.

    Mel-I am going to have to come up with a hair plan for you.

  6. your red obession has gone to the wild side!
    i love it
    the red and white skirt looks so cool and comfy
    i put red in my hair once and it only lasted 2 weeks
    darn red highlights, why don't they last longer??

  7. How cool is that--a hair dresser who reads your blog. I like the skirt a lot.

  8. Where can we find this magician hairdresser? You look gorgeous!

  9. Adam & Eve Salon in Athens, Ga
    706-549-5299 ask for Grant. He is so good he was born with scissors in his hands and cut his own umbilical cord!