The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Yeah. I'm almost a week late, but it's still the new year, right?!

 It's been so long since I've posed, I think I've forgotten how!  Doncha love the skull sweater? It's from the boy's department at Target and I HAD to have it!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas or Hanukkah!  What kind of good stuff did you get?

I got some money, which is always nice, penguin pjs and bracelets from my Leah. Ben and I don't exchange, because we buy all year long.  I used some of my money to get these AWESOME Wonder Woman shoes that I've wanted forever. Ben has the Superman ones, so, of course, I had to have these!!  Aren't they geektastic?!

And speaking of geektastic! Leah and I had seen some awesome painted shoes online. In fact Leah Hollett's brother does some fabulous painted shoes. My Leah wanted to try it out. So I bought her 3 pair of Ked's from a thrift store. Grand total 3.99. I bought paint at Hobby Lobby for 7.00.  I washed them and told her to have at it.  THIS is what I came home to:

TARDIS shoes!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My child knows me so very well! I almost cried. I know I squealed.  She did such a good job!!  I love them so much!! I have them on in the top picture!

The kids got lots of things. They got a couple of remote controlled helicopters and remote controlled bumper cars.  The dog was not amused. The dog didn't like Christmas.  See? Poor pitiful puppy.

So, tell me about your holidays!


  1. Wow....your daughter has some artistic talent. Her shoes are so cool!
    BTW.....I LOVE your Wonder Woman shoes. Please tell us where you found them....I was so excited to see them! Awesome.

  2. They came from Journey's! I think you can find them online, too!

  3. Leah is so talented! I'm really impressed. I love the way the blue in your sweater exactly matches the Tardis box.
    What else did she paint on the other sneakers?

  4. PS - Your hair is getting so long! Looks great!

  5. She hasn't gotten around to the other sneakers yet. But I am sure she will!

  6. I just saw Dr Who sneakers on Etsy. Maybe there's a career in this!