The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Monday, October 31, 2011


Any fun plans for tonight? Or did you do something this weekend?  I think I'm taking the kids trick or treating in a friends neighborhood so we can see his spooktacular yard haunt.

Ben and I went to Boutier Winery to see The Holman Autry band on Saturday night.  And everyone wore costumes.  Here we are:

I was tooling around the internet, looking at pumpkins and found some fabulous ones! Here's a couple of my favorites.  Wish I was talented enough to do this!

I want to see some costumes from y'all, too!!! 


  1. Those are some amazing pumpkins! I've never managed more than a goofy smile : > You look very sultry in costume!

  2. I'm taking my kiddos out trick or treating tonight! I'm dreading it a bit, it's cold out there. Those pumpkins are GREAT!!! That would take some real artistic ability & patience.

  3. Halloween has been canceled in New England. We have dozens of GHOST towns in the area; roads & bridges are SHEETED with white. People are walking around like ZOMBIES, in shock because of the TRICK Mother Nature has played on us. Going without heat, water and power sure is no TREAT. People are using their JACK O'LANTERNS to light their homes. No candy means we will all soon look like SKELETONS (haha I wish) even when we are wrapped up like MUMMIES against the cold.

    Happy Halloween to the 3 of you!

  4. when i see people dressed like pulp fiction i always think of Gilmore Girls and not the movie
    weird huh?
    guess you had to see the episode. lol
    happy halloween

  5. Oh, Matilda, that is horrible!! I saw some of it on the news. I can't even imagine!!

  6. It's worse than Irene! Towns have canceled or postponed Halloween (seriously) because kids walking in the dark with all the downed power lines and trees and snowbanks is just too dangerous.

  7. Those are some spectacular pumpkins. But my favorite was one that was a carving of rapper Rick Ross.