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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking All The Rules!

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.
Katharine Hepburn
So today I broke all the rules. Maybe not ALL the rules....and Well, not really today. It was yesterday actually. Today, I was firmly following the rules...maybe...oh, wait, there was that library fine from overdue MOST of the day, I was following the rules!!

Anyway. How did I break the rules, you ask? I wore stripes OVER stripes AND I wore white pants before Easter!! I'll give you a minute to stop choking from clutching your pearls...

 Blue cardi: Target
Red shirt: Belks
White capris: Land's End
Red Sandals: Target

It's a rule, at least in the South anyway, that one should not wear white pants and/or shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. I'm not sure who made this rule but I don't like it. And I break it every year. In my opinion,  once it's over 80's, one can wear white with impunity!! And yes, it's been over 80 here several days already. And we'll have those days well into October!

The stripes over stripes, I'm still unsure about. I wanted to wear the new red striped shirt that I got on CLEARANCE but it is still cool in the mornings. So I threw the blue cardi over it. I don't think it's too bad. It's not great, but it's not bad.

What do you think? Have you broken any "rules" lately?


  1. My mother pounded this rule(when to wear white) in my head my whole now when I break it, I feel guilty! But, like you...I break it any way..too much fun not to!! You look flattering and springy!! Fashion rules are fun to break!

  2. I love winter white so much, I even bought a couch in that shade... so I think you look fine!
    My pearls are intact.

  3. Love that cardi - I was eyeing it at Target for a few weeks. Great with the red sandals!

  4. I was JUST thinking about how I needed to pull out my white pants :) I recently cuffed my jeans, but that's about it.

  5. lol good for you breaking the rules - you look fantastic!! It's a very nautical look which I love. :)
    SOOO jealous of how warm it is. It is 38 degrees here!!

  6. "Rules were made to be broken". :)

    I think your outfit looks fab - that red shirt is too adorable!

  7. Thank you Pam and Joyce!

    Peggy, of course you were, because we both seem to love all the same things at Target! LOL

    Victoria, pull out the white! Summer has come to the ATL!!

    Kelly, I couldn't live there!! Brrrr!!

    Thank you rskmom!! I love red so much!!

  8. I had to chuckle when you said mentioned the "white rule". I am pure bred Southern and I can still remembering my grandmother instilling this rule in me. I'm 43 and still have a hard time breaking this one. LOL

  9. Suzanne, it's hard for me, too. But you know, Easter is seriously LATE this year and I just couldn't wait anymore! LOL

  10. Stripes over stripes....I did too today!!! You look the pattern mixing AND the winter white pants.....rock on you rule breaker!!

  11. I always learned the rule as "no white before Memorial Day," but recently I read that The Powers That have declared this rule obsolete. I'm not sure about the Easter thing, though.

    I actually think it's more fun to break the rule if you are NOT given permission. So I hope you will continue to do so, boldly!

  12. Sorry, that should read "Powers That Be."

  13. I broke the white rule too!

    But loving your stripes, great pairing!

  14. for the love of cross stitch! this is great and very inspirational. i think i'll be busting out my white pants tomorrow. south carolina has entered what i like to call early summer.

  15. I love breaking rules -- and you are looking super in this top! So flattering and fresh looking!