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Friday, April 22, 2011

I'll Take Some "Blue" Dressing On My Garden Greens

 I am so excited about the gorgeous weather and inspired by the sun!  Time to get outside and work on the "Tyner Botanical Gardens".  What?  You don't think I'm dressed for gardening? 
Uhm....I'm wearing jeans for heavens sake! 
And by the way, these are like the most comfortable jeans (and cute)...EVER!  And they are from Target!!!  I would like to take credit for this fabulous find, but actually this very fashionable lady shows up at my house looking incredibly cute (It was Joy) and she confides in me ('cause that's what we do) that they are from Target (love me some Target).  Now you know go to Target and get a pair!

I love this color blue!  I think its my favorite.  When I saw this shirt while thrifting (it's from twentyone),  I knew I had to have it since it was my favorite color and had this great detailing.  Then I found this fabulous necklace which is gray, but adds a great accent!  I am also wearing my new favorite lip shade.  It's Clinique-"Nearly Violet".  It is one of those colors that would look good on about everybody!!  I add a little clear gloss on top and am in love with the result.

 This is my helper for the day in the gardens.  And I always have a moment for a hug before watering!

Look!  Everything is starting to bloom!  I love spring!!
Ok, this one is sooooo posed!  LOL   But, I am really handy with a rake.
And with this being Easter weekend, I really feel like it is a special time and that spring has officially arrived!
Have a wonderful, and safe Easter weekend Y'all!


  1. I love that shirt and I don't think I've seen it! There's plenty of yard work to do over here, if you get bored!!

  2. You look beautiful! Those jeans are great, I'm glad you found some good ones at Target! I'm too short (and too lazy to get them hemmed) to buy Target jeans. I've heard awesome things about them though!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Your blues do look beautiful against the greens of your yard. And you are so fashionable that I would expect you to be beautifully dressed, even for gardening!
    I love the detail on that blouse as well.
    Which Target jeans are they? I've never found a pair to fit me well since Isaac Mizrahi left.

  4. I love your outfit. And your yard. But mostly your dog. I had to have my Standard put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. There will never be another dog like her.

  5. Lisa, this color is phenomenal on you!!! The jeans are too cute for throw down that hoe and go to the lunch and the mall or maybe a movie!! You look too cute to play in the dirt!

  6. Happy Easter to my favorite bloggers!