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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good 
Hairdresser told me that he was tired of seeing me in nothing but thrifted clothes.  So, he sent me to Talbots to buy a new outfit.  He told me I was not even allowed to LOOK at the sale rack.
I will have to admit, that after getting over SSS (super sticker shock), I wallowed in the customer service, attention and amazing clothes and shoes!!!!   Did I complete my assignment?  Why yes, yes I did.

Of course I picked the leopard print skirt!!!  And my fav color of coral!
Skirt,  Sweater
I swear this outfit makes me feel like a movie star!  This is so Doris Day! lol

 This next picture is for one of our readers that commented on the fact that I never smile in my pictures.  TRUE.  Mostly true anyway.  I hate my smile.  I look like a dork.  But JOYCE this smile is for you!!!!
Yeah, I got my hair cut all off again.  lol
 I also picked up the Most Amazingly fabulous, gorgeous, made in heaven shoes!  I love them!
Talbots Shoes
No, I do not care that they look like something from the Wizard of Oz.

Here is my gigantic cat photo-bombing the photo session!

So, now you have the Good.

The bad and the ugly?
Today is my oldest sons 16 birthday.  Born in the month of October which is "Domestic Violence Awareness Month". Like his mother, he feels deeply for others.  He has done amazing things all on his own to benefit Project Safe.  His heart has so much sorrow and compassion for the children in situations of domestic violence.  As you may have noticed, so do I.  I buy many of my outfits from places like "Peace Place" and "PS Too".  Both which assist in ending and protecting those suffering from the effects of DV.

I know this is mainly a fashion blog, but I need to take a moment and talk to you about something.
We read the statistics, we feel bad.  But are we moved to action?  Perhaps we are not moved, or have a clear picture in our minds.  Something which give a face to domestic violence.  I talk with many people who imagine homeless people or children of parents with drug addiction.  While is probably does affect some of these people I want to give you a more clear picture.  Because it is found in homes of all price ranges.  It effects those in same and opposite sex relationships.  It doesn't matter what income you are.  You will find it in numerous homes.  

Unlike some illnesses, it is not easy to see.  We imagine seeing someone with constant broken bones or bruises. But that is not always the case.  The spouses often put on a happy  face outside the home.  But within the walls, the family crumbles.  Many wives (for ease I am using wife, but realize that men can be the abused as well) have no access to the checking account.  When they do go shopping the must show receipts and account for every penny.  The must stand by as the abusive spouse records their mileage and gas usage.  If they are allowed to have a phone, it is closely monitored.  As are their whole lives.  Some do not have keys to their own home as they are so controlled.   They are told what to wear, who to be friends with and where they are or are not allowed to go.
It is hard for them to get jobs or get training or education because the abuser will find ways to make it to difficult.
The abuser is too afraid of them making their own money or becoming too independent and thus hard to control.  In some heartbreaking situations it turns from mental and verbal abuse to physical.  Many of these women feeling by this time that somehow they deserve this kind of treatment.

What about the most innocent victims???  The children who lose sleep because they are afraid.  Who find it difficult to eat...or they over-eat because they are finding ways to cope with the abuse in their home.  And when the abuse becomes physical on a is usually only a matter of time before it turns on to the children.  How do we protect these little ones?  It sickens me to hear phrases like "we need to get them to a safe place".  
Home SHOULD be the safe place!!!!

And for those that have seen or lived in these situations, how do we prevent them from becoming abusive as they enter into relationships?  I am not a professional.  But this is 2011!!!  And domestic violence just should NOT have any place in our culture!

Barak Obama said:


In the 16 years since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), we have broken the silence surrounding domestic violence to reach thousands of survivors, prevent countless incidences of abuse, and save untold numbers of lives. While these are critical achievements, domestic violence remains a devastating public health crisis when one in four women will be physically or sexually assaulted by a partner at some point in her lifetime. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we recognize the tremendous progress made in reducing domestic violence, and we recommit to making everyone's home a safe place for them.

Read the full proclamation by President Obama by accessing the link here:
In dedication to my 4 amazing children.  And especially to Harrison, who is 16 today and will always be an advocate for this cause.  Until all all children have a safe place to live and thrive and learn and laugh......Their home.  I am not going to shop for ANYTHING until the new year.  I will make a donation to the prevention of domestic violence.
And it is time to pull out the purple. 


  1. Amazing outfit, Amazing shoes, Amazing post!!

    Makes me want to cry....and then get out and do something about domestic violence.

    I'm going to go see what else purple I have!!

  2. Oh Lise! I have tears in my eyes.

    Thank you for the picture, I LOVE the outfit, it's from my favorite store, and as Leah will understand, I heart those shoes. Pointy toes get me every time.

    We had a domestic violence murder in my town over the July 4th holiday, 2 kids who had just graduated from HS. It happened 5 houses away from my old house. There was a TON of press attention (front page of the Boston Globe all week) because it's one of the wealthiest towns in MA, it was 2 upperclass kids who were both to attend excellent colleges... and it was frustrating and saddening because there are domestic violence incidents in the inner city far more frequently that receive little or no press coverage. The town was DEVASTATED.

    I will make a contribution to a DV charity too, one that works with teens. I can't not shop for clothes because like Joy, I'm losing weight and not a lot fits (YAY).

  3. Joyce!!! Thank you. WE love you! Did you notice the picture of me smiling? lol See, proof that we DO read our comments and then take action. I also read the link to your article. Sooo sad.

  4. Oh my heavens, those shoes are like buttuh. Harrison is such a good kid and this is such a powerful post.

  5. Michele (No model lady)- Thank you so much for reading and your comments!

  6. Hey sweetheart. Great post and your haircut looks great.

  7. Lise, you look incredibly gorgeous as always and I am so glad your husband blessed you with a trip to Talbot's!!
    This issue is also close to my heart and I will post a purple look and a few comments on Wednesday...I am happy to join with you to shed light on this disturbing issue.

  8. great post girly girl and love the skirt
    i will not shop at Talbots for the one reason of fearing i will have the same outfit on as my mother. believe me when i say that would be tragic!!

  9. Lise, I totally saw the picture - that's why I said, thanks for the picture! I didn't realize those shoes came in beige, I thought it was more of a rose shade.

  10. Thank you for your post!!!! And for raising awareness regarding an epidemic which affects so many. And, you are beautiful!