The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion To Take Stock In

The Stock Market can be a guessing game.  So I choose to invest in great pieces that will carry me through many occasion's.  And finding them at thrift stores?  Priceless!  All the pieces in this outfit came from thrifting and (including the purse) the whole look was under $30!  WooHoo!
Skirt:  Sigrid Olsen
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Purse: Nine West
Shirt:  Ann Taylor
Hot Pink belt (pink and yellow?  oh yeah!) thrifted
Pin:  Made by the fabulous Leah Hollet!!! It was a gift and perfect!

So, you may be wondering why I am talking about stocks today.  Well, my son Josh and two friends made up a team to compete in the "Stock Market Game".  It is a great opportunity for children to become educated in commerce and business.  And they won for their region!!!  So we got a trip to Atlanta for a program and awards.  I am so proud of these boys. And may I give a shout out to their Honors teacher, Mrs. Brychell, who is amazing!!!  Teachers do NOT get enough love.
 The name of their team was "Men In Green" and their t-shirts had a gold $ sign on the back (thanks Teresa).

Josh and Mom (who is so very proud)  at the Depot at Underground Atlanta

Josh, Daniel, Mrs. Brychell, Zac

Kaja and Mom (Yes, she got to come!)

Our Star guest speaker and Falcons running back

Since Josh and his team did so well, I found out what the main money makers were that they invested in.  It turns out that they thought outside the box with "Game Stop" and "WWE"!!!   I was like "You can invest in wresting????  Seriously???"  LOL!
But, as I said, I take stock in the fact that the best market to invest are thrift stores!


  1. You look wonderful in your thrifted spring look..I love the cardigan!! All of our seniors play the Stock Market Game during their Economics class and it can get brutal.. There is usually some little girl..who spends her money, leaves it alone, and aces the game!!

  2. Love the outfit. My outfit today was totally thrifted too. Great minds and all.

    And I'm so proud of Joshie!!

  3. Congrats to Josh! I won the stock market game back in the day... I ♥ Mrs. Brychell. She is awesome!

  4. Love your yellow with green cardi, then pink belt- genius! You look so pretty. I am so proud for you and Josh! What a wonderful accomplishment!

  5. love the top look, it is very Emma Pilsbury and i mean that in the most positive way...
    Please tell me you know who that is.

    So cool for your son to be involved in something like this.

  6. I cannot believe you got a Sigrid Olsen skirt so CHEAP! I love it!
    Congrats to Josh, what fun :)

  7. Pam- This is the first year I have seen this done and just love it!! The comment about the girl is sooo funny!!!

    Joy-Great minds girl!!! Thats us.

    Katie- You are so right about Mrs. Brychell. But I have it on good authority (me and kaja) that you are pretty awesome at teaching as well!!

  8. Peggy- Thank you so much!!! I don't know what possessed me to wear hot pink, but it worked.

    Mat. Joyce-I have missed you!!! And yes, a Sigrid Olsen! I love it.

  9. Brett- I love you and yes, I know who Emma Pilsbury is. I am happy to find another Gleek!!

  10. ha-ha-ha! yes, thrift is the best!!
    How sweet of you to wear green. And that yellow and pink rock. You rock!
    Go Josh! What a fantastic opprtunity.

  11. You look terrific, and I'm quite certain I was the previous owner of that skirt. It looks SO much better on you!

  12. Maya-thank you. I am kind of loving the yellow and pink now.

    Julie-LOL Well, if this was your skirt....could you please send more because you have GREAT taste!!!